Bureau County Property Transfers: May 1-15, 2024

The Bureau County Courthouse is at 700 S. Main Street in Princeton.

The following property transfers were recently recorded at the Bureau County Recorder of Deeds’ office.

May 1

Robert James to Richard Stedman, warranty deed, part of Princeton (subdivision E/2 of Lot 109), $110,000.Caryl Behrens (decd), David Behrens (ex) and Donald Behrens (ex) to Jennifer and Joshua Ackerman, executor deed, Lot 18 in Hill Farm Acres Section 1 and part of Lot 1 in Hill Farm Acres Section 1 in Walnut, $250,000.

Danny McAlvey (AIF), Danny McCalvey (AIF) and Marie Salam to Gary Isaacson, warranty deed, Lot 1 in Park Avenue Village Condominiums in Princeton, $110,000.

May 2

Reid Baltikauski to Randall and Toni Edgcomb, warranty deed, Lot 14 in Martin Subdivision in Ladd, $157,000.

Eric Enrique Cortez Raya to Angel Raya, warranty deed, Lot 12 in Block 3 in Banschbach’s Subdivision in DePue, $20,000.

David and Shirley Staker to Michael and Michelle Cassidy, joint tenancy deed, Lot 7 in Homeway Ninth Addition in Walnut, $137,500.

Diann and Kenneth Shenlund to Mariah Nelson and Tyler Wilkinson, warranty deed, part of Lot 1, part of Lot 2 and part of Lot 3 in Canedy’s Addition in Princeton, $145,000.

May 3

Jimmy Sims to David Taylor, warranty deed, part of Section 30 in Mineral Township, $175,000.

Judith Schneid to Dawn and Timothy Schneid, joint tenancy deed, parts of Section 6 and part of Section 7 in Princeton Township, $130,000.

Fannie Mae to Melissa Terry, warranty deed, Lot 1 and part of Lot 2 in Block 4 in Fassett and Company’s Addition in La Moille, $130,000.

May 6

John and Julie Hassler to Sheila Hill and Michael Tuftee, joint tenancy deed, part of Lot 5, part of Lot 6, part of Lot 8 and part of Lot 9 in Block 11 in North Addition in Princeton, $135,000.

Thomas King Revocable Living Trust and Ryan King (tr) to Let’s Store It Spring Valley LLC, trustees’ deed, Lot 2 in Wolfer Industrial Park - Phase IV in Spring Valley, $330,000.

Christine and Douglas Kessinger to Erik and Mackenzie Grenter, warranty deed, part of Section 7 in La Moille Township, $255,000.

Alan Merkel to Chad and Chanda Bohnsack, warranty deed, Lot 11 in Young and Shipp’s Subdivision in Princeton, $72,500.

May 7

Kent Bickett (tr), Michael Bickett Trust and Nancy Bickett Trust to Barbara and James Maroney, trustees’ deed, Lot 8 in Lincoln Park Condominium in Princeton, $270,000.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Jonathon Zembrzuski, warranty deed, Lot 15 in Kasbeer, $80,000.

May 8

Chris Balensiefen (tr), Cindy Strader (tr), Wampler Family Revocable Living Trust and Calvin Wampler Jr. (tr) to James Jeffery, trustees’ deed, Lot 6 in Block 4 in Wyanet, $41,360.

Joe Bartman (ex) and Pamela Grenier (decd) to James Murray, executor deed, Lots 101 and 102 in Tiskilwa, $140,000.

May 9

Andy Gehm to John Young, warranty deed, part of Section 27 in Hall Township, $77,000.

Paula Evans to Kathy Zurinski, warranty deed, Lot 9 in Block 4 in Sheffield, $93,000.

May 10

Ron Horton to Craig Celus, warranty deed, part of Section 2 in Indiantown Township, $40,000.

Trudy Kerrick and Jene Kinsley (AIF) to Stanley Johnson, warranty deed, part of Lot 26 in Riddle Subdivision in Princeton, $79,500.

Laura Bolelli to Timothy Underwood, warranty deed, Lot 313 in Greencroft Phase III in Princeton, $250,000.

Ronald Kelly (decd), Kathryn Kelly (tr) and Ronald Kelly Trust to Jennifer Rangel Kelly (tr), Michael Kelly (tr), Jennifer Rangel Kelly Trust and Michael Kelly Trust, trustees’ deed, parts of Section 11 in Fairfield Township and part of Section 14 in Fairfield Township, $1,323,000.

May 13

Thomas Lovgren (decd) and Matthew Lovgren (ex) to Luis Delao, executor deed, Lot 13 in Block 11 in Gilson and Waugh’s Addition in Arlington, $20,000.

Adele and Francis Piano to Lainie and Timothy Smyk, warranty deed, Lot 1 in Block 138 in Wainwright’s Addition in Spring Valley, $93,000.

Deloris Bruner and Doris Erickson (AIF) to Joseph McCarter, warranty deed, part of Section 30 in Princeton Township, $120,000.

May 14

Betty and Mark Graves to Nita and Max Home Solutions LLC, warranty deed, parts of Lots 111, 112 and 113 in Buda, $3,000.

Nita and Max Home Solutions LLC to Thomas Derick, warranty deed, parts of Lots 111, 112 and 113 in Buda, $3,735.

Mark Hull to Robert Linn, warranty deed, Lot 2 in Block 124 in O’Beirne’s Third Addition in Spring Valley, $125,000.

May 15

Jennifer and Joshua Ackerman to Catherine and Jacob Perino, warranty deed, parts of Section 7 in Ohio Township, $285,000.

Steven Day to Donald and Jesse Sims, warranty deed, Lot 7 in Price’s Subdivision in Wyanet, $90,000.

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