Hennepin Park District to sponsor Summer Zen series

No charge for any of the programs

The Hennepin Pool Complex is located at 326 S. Milan St.

The Hennepin Park District will be sponsoring a Summer Zen series at the pool in conjunction with the Illinois Extension.

These programs are mindfulness lessons for ages 5 to 18. There is no charge for any of the programs. All programs begin at 1 p.m.

On Wednesday, June 12, the park district will have Growing Gratitude. Participants will learn gratitude practices and plant gratitude flower seeds. On Wednesday, June 27, the park district will have Crafting Calm. Participants will create a “calming” (fidget) starter kit. On Tuesday, July 2, the park district will have Mindful Mandalas. Participants will design, create and paint a mandala. On Wednesday, July 17, the park district will have Tranquil Visions. Participants will create a soothing piece of art.

To register for any of these programs please call the Hennepin Pool at 815-925-7319 or email at hennepinparkdistrict@mchsi.com.

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