Kristal LaRette’s English class interviews BEST School’s principal, first hire

Duo is retiring at end of school year

Kristal LaRette's English class at BEST interviewed two retiring administrators. Chandra Segerstrom, Egan Hicks, Deb Adams, Isaac Diveley, Izan Bradley and Cole Santee pose for a photo together.

BEST School’s principal and first hire are in their final days of school.

Principal Egan Hicks and first hire Deb Adams are retiring at the end of the school year. They have been together building the BEST program in Tiskilwa for the past 25 years. The students in Kristal LeRette’s class recently interviewed Hicks and Adams as part of their English assignment, and wanted to share their interviews..

How long have you been part of the BEST Program?

Hicks: 25 years

Adams: 25 years

Why did you want a career in education?

Hicks: I didn’t want an office type job. There was a shortage of male special education teachers, and I was offered a tuition scholarship.

Adams: I like working with children and helping them.

In how many different locations has BEST been?

Hicks: 4 different buildings: The old Wyanet High School, Manlius Elementary, Cherry Elementary and Reagan Middle School in Tiskilwa. We moved a lot due to being housed in old buildings that needed to be repaired.

Describe your favorite memory from all of the time you’ve worked for BEST.

Hicks: I enjoy having fun with the students. I specifically remember having a lot of fun when I wore a Star Wars head piece, and the students couldn’t stop making fun of me. It was all in good fun.

Adams: I don’t have one specific time. I love everything about BEST.

What will you miss most about BEST?

Hicks: The students and staff

Adams: The students and staff

What will you be doing in retirement?

Hicks: I’ll be golfing, playing pickleball, and spending time with my grandkids.

Adams: Anything I want.

If you could give advice to the students what would that advice be?

Hicks: A little bit of hard work now will save you a lot of work later on.

Adams: Know that everything changes. Tomorrow is a new start. You are in charge of your future.

Is there anything else you would like to say about working at BEST?

Hicks: I hope BEST continues to help as many kids as possible.

Adams: I hope I was a positive influence on everyone, and I will miss BEST greatly.

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