Marseilles to increase water, sewer rates over 3 years

Increases in electricity costs leads to increases

Marseilles City Hall

Citing increases in electricity costs at both the water and sewer departments, the Marseilles City Council voted Wednesday to increase the city’s water and sewer rates incrementally over the next three years.

There already was a water usage increase of $0.515 per 100 gallons planned for April 30. That will increase to $0.53 per 100 gallons on June 1 of this year, then to $0.55 in 2025, $0.57 in 2026 and $0.59 in 2027. That comes out to increases of $27.45, $28.90, $30.50, $32.10 and $33.70 per 3,000 gallons used on those dates.

The minimum charge will go up $1 on each of those dates.

The sewer rate will increase similarly, to $0.68 cents per 100 gallons on April 30, $0.69 on July 1, $0.72 on May 1, 2025, $0.75 on May 1, 2026 and $0.78 on May 1, 2027. Those costs per 3,000 gallons translate to $33.40, $35.20, $37.60, $39.50 and $41.40.

Additionally Wednesday, Marseilles Mayor Jim Hollenbeck also read into the record portions of the city’s Comprehensive Plan, citing several items listed therein that have been completed since that 10-year book was issued in 2014. There is a new 2024 comprehensive plan being prepared for the printer.

Hollenbeck urged citizens to come to the council meetings and express themselves over what is and is not being accomplished in town.

In other action, the council:

Approved a variety of gaming and liquor licenses at city businesses for the fiscal 2024-2025.

Adopted a resolution to participate in the state of Illinois Federal Surplus Program, which allowed municipalities to buy used but useful vehicles and equipment the state has chosen to replace or get rid of.

Adopted an amended ordinance regarding stop intersections, in part in an effort to slow down traffic on Liberty Street near Marseilles Grade School.

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