Streator eyes demolition of 2 houses, including one tapped after summer shooting

Council to vote on demolition bids of Bloomington, Hickory street houses

Hickory Street

Streator is moving forward on a pair of house demolitions, including a former rental house deemed a nuisance following a shooting this past summer.

Mayor Tara Bedei said during the Feb. 7 Streator City Council meeting the city is receiving and will open bids for demolitions at 210 S. Bloomington St. and 121 W. Hickory St.

A search warrant was carried out in June at the Hickory Street house after people were seen on video fleeing into the house following a shooting, the Streator Police Department reported at the time. No arrests were made as a result of it, the police said. According to the city’s ordinances, the city can declare a public nuisance property where three or more offenses, outlined specifically in the city’s ordinance, have occurred within a year.

In response to the shooting, Bedei requested the city take a number of actions to curb further violence, including shutting down that house.

“We spent a lot of time and energy on that one,” Bedei said, referencing the work city officials and the city attorney spent to condemn the house.

City Engineer Jeremy Palm said the city will utilize grant money to pay for the demolition of 210 S. Bloomington St., but it can’t use those funds for the Hickory Street house, because of the process the city utilized to condemn it. Palm said the city may have to pay more for the Hickory Street house, because it is believed to need asbestos removed.

Bedei expects the City Council will vote on the demolition costs at the Feb. 21 meeting.

Bloomington Street