Sisler’s Ice in Ohio, Ill. transitions to Home City Ice

Home City Ice will fulfill deliveries Feb. 13

Sisler’s Ice in Ohio, Ill. has sold its ice business to Home City Ice. Sisler’s ice cream still is going strong in Princeton.

Sisler’s of Ohio has served local communities by producing ice, ice cream and butter since 1908.

Sisler’s ceased the production of ice cream for retail distribution in January 2022. The fourth generation of the family, siblings Tieg and Lucas Sisler, took up the production and sale of Sisler’s half gallons, pints and dipping cones at their ice cream shop in Princeton.

With the ice cream business fully transitioned and Dan and Karen looking to retire, consideration was given to numerous alternatives for the ice side of the business, the business posted to its Facebook page on Monday. Supply chain challenges, government regulations, increased utility costs and labor shortages all weighed heavily into the decision process, Sisler’s Ice said in the Facebook post.

Beginning Tuesday, Home City Ice will be fulfilling all ice deliveries for Sisler’s Ice.

“We spent much of last year meeting with potential buyers with our focus being the best care of our loyal customers going forward,” Sisler’s said in the post. " ... In business since 1893 and owned by the same family for 100 years, (Home City Ice) hold many of the same values that we have held close for our 100-plus years. We trust they will take care of the service needs of our local businesses just as we have.”

For now, the phone number will remain the same, 815-376-2913, and Home City Ice will continue to produce and distribute ice out of the Ohio, Ill. location. Many Sisler employees will be continuing their careers as Home City Ice employees.

Sisler’s Ice in DeKalb, owned and operated by Bill’s brother Ed and his sons, will continue on.

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