Chief Senachwine DAR learns about Native Americans

Lonna Naumann gives presentation

Lonna Naumann, local historian of Native Americans, presented "Senachwine and Local Indians" to Chief Senachwine Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution members and guests on Feb. 3, 2024. She displays a few of her Native American treasures, some of which date several hundred years ago.

Members and guests of the Chief Senachwine Chapter National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution learned Feb. 3 about Potawatomie Chief Senachwine and other tribes from presenter and local historian of Native Americans, Lonna Naumann.

Revealing locations of villages, chairtrees, battles and burial mounds, Naumann shared her knowledge of Native American heritage in Illinois and Wisconsin and in the immediate area. She also shared native items from her large collection, some of which date hundreds of years.

Regent Dolores Dace called the morning meeting to order and thanked members for wearing red for Heart Health Month. She also reminded members to honor the February birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and to celebrate Presidents Day on Feb. 17.

Chaplain Florence Finfgeld led the group in prayer for husbands/fathers George Wheeler and Richard Galetti connected to chapter members.

Committee reports were given by chairmen of American History, Commemorative Events, Conservation, Good Citizens, Flag of the U.S.A. and Service for Veterans. A detailed report was shared by Women’s Issues chair, Tara Hufnagel, on the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. She shared a handout from the American Heart Association and said heart attack signs are different for women than for men.

Certificates of recognition were given for 20-year DAR members Diana Williamson, Elizabeth Williamson and Karen Schwiderski.

Election of delegates and alternates for the April State Conference was held, and the completed update of the chapter bylaws was announced. Further action will be forthcoming.

The next chapter meeting will be 1:30 p.m. Friday, March 1, at Henry’s First Presbyterian Church, 511 Wirt St. A reception will honor the Good Citizens from Henry-Senachwine, Midland and Putnam County high schools. Relatives and school personnel are invited.

Any woman older than 18 whose lineage traces to a Revolutionary War patriot and who wishes to learn more about the Daughters of the American Revolution is invited to go online to