Girls basketball: BCR Leaderboard for Friday, Feb. 9, 2024

Hall's Ella Sterling pulls down a rebound in Friday's third-place game of the Amboy Holiday Tournament against Mendota. Hall won 62-31.

Here’s a look at statistical leaders for Bureau Valley, Hall, Princeton, St. Bede

A. Bosnich (SB)2647615.9
K. Salisbury (BV)2940113.8
C. Driscoll (P)2736013.3
K. Davis (P)2735413.1
M. Christiansen (H)2936912.7
E. Sterling (H)2934912.0
T. Neuhalfen (BV)292859.8
E. Hermes (SB)242879.3
M. Fox (P)242189.1
A. Ehm (SB)272437.8
L. Endress (BV)292057.1
C. Pellegrini (H)292027.0
E. Sterling (H)292217.6
K. Wozniak (H)292207.6
A. Bosnich (SB)302157.2
K. Davis (P)261786.8
A. Ehm (SB)312126.8
K. Salisbury (BV)291906.6
M. Christiansen (H)291866.4
M. Fox (P)241446.0
C. Driscoll (P)261485.7
L. Cady (BV)291404.8
L. Endress (BV)291364.7
K. Wozniak (H)29923.2
M. Christiansen (H)29883.0
K. Stoller (BV)27232.7
C. Driscoll (P)26602.3
K. Davis (P)26542.1
E. Hermes (SB)29662.1
K. Salisbury (BV)27532.0
C. Pellegrini (H)29561.9
L. Maynard (BV)13251.9
P. Jesse (P)26471.8
E. Sterling (H)29521.8
C. Driscoll (P)261054.0
K. Davis (P)261023.9
M. Fox (P)24682.8
P. Jesse (P)26472.7
L. Bosnich (SB)29782.7
M. Christiansen (H)29742.6
K. Salisbury (BV)27632.5
K. Stoller (BV)27602.4
E. Hermes (SB)31682.2
L. Maynard (BV)13251.9
Field goal shootingFGMFGAPCT.
L. Bosnich (SB)70113.620
E. Sterling (H)163275.593
S. Bray (SB)3053.570
A. Bosnich (SB)141269.520
C. Driscoll (P)75161.466
K. Davis (P)145323.449
P. Jesse (P)2762.435
L. Endress (BV)74186.400
K. Salisbury (BV)127333.380
3 PT shooting3 FGM3 FGAPCT
K. Salisbury (BV)49133.370
K. Stoller (BV)2369.333
E. Hermes (SB)56169.331
L. McClain (SB)1649.326
L. Bosnich (SB)826.321
C. Driscoll (P)45148.304
L. Endress (BV)1242.290
H. Pellegrini (H)2898.286
O. Mattingly (P)2393.247
Team offenseGPTPPPG
St. Bede311,53849.3
Bureau Valley271,29748.0
Team recordsWLPCT.
St. Bede (13-1 TCC)247.774
Princeton (9-1 TRE)198.704
Bureau Valley (5-5 TRE)1415.483
Hall (7-3 (TRE)1415.483