Oglesby to make emergency shelter plan

Plan to include migrants, too, mayor says

Oglesby City Hall

Oglesby intends to draw up an emergency plan that includes temporary shelter for those in need – a plan that could include, but goes well beyond, sheltering migrants.

On Monday, the Oglesby City Council used its new business section to discuss drafting “a migrant drop-off ordinance.” No vote was taken. Mayor Jason Curran said Tuesday that he wasn’t inclined to even address the matter before the La Salle County Board votes on a no-sanctuary resolution, which is scheduled for Thursday.

“I didn’t think there’s any value in the city talking about it until the county addresses it,” Curran said.

Nevertheless, the City Council reached a consensus Monday.

With input from Fred Moore, director of the La Salle County Emergency Management Agency, the council agreed to draft not merely a migrant ordinance but also an emergency plan that includes sheltering those displaced by a storm or other natural disasters.

Curran said the city already has disaster plans – Oglesby has long had a plan for bomb threats, for example – but council members nonetheless heeded Moore’s suggestion to directly address emergency shelter.

“So even though we don’t have a written plan, we have a loose design plan if something were to happen,” Curran said. “We’re hoping to put pen to paper in the next week or so.”

Curran further noted that there already is a draft consensus on addressing a migrant influx. First responders likely would bring them to a common area such as the fire station, provide food and water, and then arrange transport to one of the state’s welcome centers.