The ever-expanding horizons of health care: A vital compass in the Illinois Valley

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The OSF HealthCare mission across the Illinois Valley is to serve with the greatest care and love. We are dedicated to ensuring individuals receive timely, appropriate services that meet the diverse needs of our communities.

To that end, we’re shifting away from what are often thought of as traditional treatment methods such as inpatient beds in every community and instead focusing on accessible lifesaving emergency care and robust inpatient services through key hubs.

OSF is expanding emergency departments to five communities – Princeton, Mendota, Ottawa, Streator and Peru.

As the health care landscape evolves, OSF HealthCare remains unwavering in its commitment to providing exceptional care. We’ve hired more than 450 area providers and staff – people who are known in the community – to help us restore health care in the Illinois Valley and beyond.

We have expanded our primary care and urgent care offerings in the area, including 24/7 virtual care as we embrace telehealth and digital solutions to provide easier access to care, reducing the need for extensive travel.

Moving forward, OSF HealthCare is positioned to deliver precisely what the Illinois Valley needs. We understand health care isn’t provided in a “one-size-fits-all” manner – it’s about personalization and empathy, resonating with our community on an individual level.

We’re preparing for a future in which advancements in medicine and patient-centric care converge seamlessly.

We deeply value everyone’s role in this journey. Your trust in us as your health care provider is invaluable, and we look forward to sharing these advancements with the community.


August J. Querciagrossa

CEO, Western Region of OSF HealthCare

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