La Salle says discoloration in drinking water caused by maintenance

Work at water treatment plant expected to last 4 to 5 weeks

A discoloration in La Salle’s water may be present in some neighborhoods over the next few weeks as the city continues maintenance of its water treatment plant, the city of La Salle said in a news release Tuesday.

A filter at the plant is under maintenance, which has led to a higher amount of water going through the plant’s other filter, which results in the discoloration from an increase in iron and manganese, the city said.

The city said it continues to test the water daily. It says the water meets the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s standard as safe to drink and use.

The work at the water treatment plant is expected to last an additional four to five weeks. In the meantime, the city said it has taken measures, including backwashing more frequently, which is a method of preventative maintenance. Officials also are flushing hydrants more often to assist with the discoloration.

For more information, call Superintendent of Water Treatment Brad Reese at 815-223-0068