Bureau County Property Transfers: June 16-30, 2023

The Bureau County Courthouse is at 700 S. Main Street in Princeton.

The following property transfers were recently recorded at the Bureau County Recorder of Deeds’ office in the Bureau County Courthouse:

June 16, 2023

Joseph Fitzpatrick Jr. to Giovanni Alfano, warranty deed, part of Section 33 in Hall Township, $4,000.

Craig and Heidi Whatcott to Lisa Hansen and Karl Persky, trustees’ deed, Lot 3 in Sunset Farms Subdivision in Spring Valley, $375,000.

Courtney and Zachary Dearcos to Robert and Tracy Snyder, warranty deed, Lots 5, 6 and 7 in Norwood Meadows Phase I, Sec 29-16-9 in Princeton, $370,000.

June 20, 2023

Barbara and Richard Miller to Scigliano Asset Holdings LLC, warranty deed, part of Section 36 in Wyanet Township, $154,000.

Consuelo and Salvador Gonzalez to Irma Hernandez Orozco, warranty deed, Lot 13 in Block 52 in Dalzell’s Third Addition in Spring Valley, $110,000.

Jenifer Facey and Steven May to Savannah Beckelman and Kenneth Gibson, joint tenancy deed, part of Section 21 in Princeton Township, $230,000.

Debra and William Herz to Elizabeth Esparza Lira, warranty deed, Lot 14 in Block 5 in Cherry, $107,000.

June 21, 2023

Paul Wehner Jr. (tr) and Paul Wehner Jr. Trust to Shannon Buell, warranty deed, part of Lot 20‌ Canedy’s Addition in Princeton, $80,000.

June 22, 2023

Brett Freeman to Norton Aviation LLC, warranty deed, part of Section 22 in Clarion Township, $205,000.

WRBF LLC to Janelle and Robert Jones, joint tenancy deed, Lot 2 in O.C. Knaut’s Subdivision in Princeton, $70,000.

Matthew Mellott to Mason Hawley, warranty deed, Lot 13 in Block 2 in Van Orin, $36,000.

Katlin Petersen to Corinne Cunningham, warranty deed, Lot 1 in Plasschaert Subdivision in Princeton, $150,000.

June 23, 2023

Eric Johnston to Dale and Nancy Hedger, warranty deed, Lot 6 in West Clark Addition in Princeton, $122,500.

June 26, 2023

Kent Purvis (POA), Mere Purvis and Merle Purvis to Daniel Portillo Martinez, warranty deed, part of Section 18 and part of Section 19 in Princeton Township, $100,000.

Robert Schramm to Lora and Steven Wetsel, warranty deed, Lots 7, 8 and 9 in Jacobson’s Addition in Bureau Valley Junction, $9,000.

Dan Whitlock to Andrew Whitlock, warranty deed, part of Lot 94 in Princeton, $185,000.

June 27, 2023

Franklin and Susan Donnelly to T Harp Agriculture LLC, warranty deed, parts of Section 27 in Clarion Township, $631,920.

Carole Janes (tr), Terrill Janes (tr), Carole Janes Trust and Terrill Janes Trust to Amy and Kenneth Ladson, trustees’ deed, Lots 4 and 5 in Block 2 and part of Lot 6 in Block 2 in Factory Addition in LaMoille, $76,379.18

June 28, 2023

Sheila Pridemore to Kelly and Randy Wolf, joint tenancy deed, Lot 5 in Block 4 in Tomlinson’s Addition in Mineral, $65,000.

June 29, 2023

Luanne Johnson to Giovanni Alfano, warranty deed, part of Lot 27 in DePue, $32,000.

Sarah Martin Living Trust, Ann Martin (tr), Sarah Martin (tr) and Ann Martin Trust to Joann and Todd Wright, trustees’ deed, part of Section 1 and parts of Section 12 in Milo Township, $4,800,000.

June 30, 2023

Phillip Erickson and Greggory Woolley to Stephen Howdeshell, warranty deed, part of Lot 2, part of Lot 3 and part of Lot 4 in Epperson Hills Subdivision in Princeton, $22,000.

Shannon Frey to Cody Gibson and Betty Luigs, warranty deed, Lot 39 and part of Lot 40 in Canedy’s Addition in Princeton, $158,000.

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