Norberg Memorial Home Offers Free Life-Saving Resource to the Community

As part of its vast compilation of online resources available to the public, Norberg Memorial Home offers Vital ICE, a valuable life-saving initiative that can benefit anyone who registers for it. “J.D. and I are proud to offer this incredible service, free of charge, to our community,” said Janice Smallwood, co-owner of Norberg Memorial Home with her husband, J.D. “To use this valuable app, you don’t have to be a client of ours. We’re making it available to everyone who is interested in the service.”

Vital ICE is the premier “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) public safety app that can save lives. It stores users’ medical information, emergency contacts, and other relevant personal details that can be easily accessed by EMS and other first responder personnel in situations where the patient is unable to speak, or is otherwise incapacitated. First responders are also able to transmit emergency communications and other alerts to local users, which provides important local emergency instructions when applicable. The app is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

“Vital ICE offers users in our community a platform where they can list their vital information, such as blood type, allergies, medical history, medications, and ICE contacts, among other relevant details,” explained Janice. “Users can also include information for their dependents, if they choose.” The app provides first aid treatment protocol for 16 common emergencies in case EMS personnel are not present.

Other valuable features of the Vital ICE app include the ability to call 911 and sound an audible alarm from within the app, helping first responders locate the patient more quickly. The user’s medical information can be emailed to any address, facilitating communication with Emergency Rooms. Insurance card photos are also stored in the app, providing handy access for medical personnel.

For additional information about this invaluable service, visit or, or contact:

Norberg Memorial Home, Inc & Monuments

701 E. Thompson Street

Princeton, IL 61356

Phone: 815-875-2425