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Princeton Park District reports vandalism in Zearing Park; police investigate

Park District Board also planning for new boiler purchase at the Metro Center

Princeton police have been handed surveillance from a vandalism incident Dec. 28 at Zearing Park.

Matt Wright, park superintendent, told the Park District board Monday there was vandalism at the south entrance by the pier. The new surveillance cameras at the park provided a picture of the car and two individuals being dropped off at the portable toilet. The car drove on the walking path, Wright said. The vandals painted graffiti on the walking path and also vandalized the portable toilet by the pier.

The Zearing Park south entrance has been closed for the season and the portable toilet removed. The park is accessible for the people who like to walk the path at the main entrance. There are about 40 parking spots available for parking at the main entrance.

Additionally, the Park District board learned Monday a crack was found in one of the sections in a boiler Dec. 10 at the Bureau County Metro Center. The Metro Center is operating on one boiler right now.

A crack was found in one of the sections about 10-11 years ago and the cost to repair it was about $8,000. The quote received to repair it now came in just less than $20,000. These boilers are 33 years old, repairing it might not be the best option. The board is in the process of getting some quotes on replacing, the first quote came in at $56,464. The companies still are writing the quotes.

Park District Director Tammy Lange said she is working together with several other community organizations for some potential partnerships for projects and events later this year.

Nick Davis, assistant director, noted with state mandated minimum wage increase the park district had 28 employees who all got a bump in their pay. This will continue to be a budgeting issue for many years ahead.

Davis said the Holiday Membership Drive brought in 42 new members.