Letter: Be responsible, wear a mask

To the Editor:

The best way to support our local businesses in this time of Covid is to do what we can to prevent the spread of infection. No outbreaks means more freedom.

Although COVID-19 can leave sickness, long term illness, and death in its wake, the virus has no malicious intent or political plan.It's not smart. Viruses only do one thing:replicate in a host. No host, no virus. It's simple.

That means wear a mask, watch your distance, and wash our hands. These three disease fighting strategies have been around as long as diseases. Plus, we must cooperate with contract tracing and isolate when necessary.I think of it as our civic duty.

It saddens me that MCDH's efforts to contact trace is met with resistance. Some states, as part of their mitigation, require businesses to record names and addresses of patrons to facilitate contact tracing.

Surely, in a county like McHenry, we can do it without a mandate.McHenry County is filled with kind people who come together when neighbors are in crisis.I'm impressed with how often people here offer kind words, dig into their wallets, and go the extra mile for neighbors in need.

Surely we can sacrifice a little for the good of our local businesses and each other.

Adela Crandell Durkee

Oakwood Hills