Letter: Trump wasn't a conservative

To the Editor:

Now that the voters have chosen Joe Biden as our next president, it's interesting to hear what the elected Republicans are saying. Because the vote was so close, they are claiming that those who voted for Trump were showing their support for conservative policies. Supposedly this means that the Democrats must respect their values and not implement a "far left" agenda.

This is nonsense. Trump did not govern as a conservative. Is it conservative policy to increase the debt by $2 trillion to give a tax break to the top 1%? Is it conservative policy to pack the high courts with unqualified political hacks? Is it conservative policy to separate mothers and their children at the border when they seek a better life in America? Is it conservative policy to support racist militia groups? I think not.

In reality, Trump supporters fall into two groups: Those that have been deluded into believing that a pathological liar and cheat has their backs and those that actually agree with his hateful rhetoric and criminal behavior. Conservative policy has nothing to do with it. Our best hope is that the majority of Trump's supporters will accept his defeat at some point and give Joe Biden a chance to govern.

Richard Keslinke