LETTER: Vote Trump, reject socialism

To the Editor:

He's loud! He talks too much! He tweets too much! He brags too much! He's extremely opinionated! But, he's a good president in our day and age! Some will say he's morally questionable, due to previous marriages and relationships, which are now in his past.

But, he's well received by a goodly portion of America's regular folks because he says what he thinks, and is not pretentious.

He can draw a good crowd compared to his adversary. Unlike many a politician he actually does or seeks to do whatever he promises. Despite fierce opposition by media he stands his ground. He has accomplished many things in defense of the country he loves.

He has been the most supportive president for the sake of the unborn. He has been the most supportive president we have ever had of our ally Israel. He has been very supportive of our religious liberties.

He has done everything he can to protect our borders. Contrary to reports, he is not racist! He has implemented policies to help fund many predominately Black colleges who will benefit for years to come. He has pushed policies to reverse unfair trade agreements to help build our economy. Record low unemployment percentages for minorities have been recorded due to his leadership.

Our record strong economy prior to the pandemic has helped us survive shutdowns.

"COVID-19" is not the result of his leadership! He has done what he possibly could under advisement of health professionals to deal with the virus.

He has pushed to reopen businesses to prevent nationwide financial collapse. He will lead us to "make America great again" if we allow he and his backers to lead us forward. We need to re-elect President Donald Trump and reject socialism and anarchy!

Wilbur Zeal