Illinois State Police seized $239,900 on Interstate 80 westbound in Bureau County on Sept. 10.

Bureau County State’s Attorney Geno Caffarini has filed forfeiture proceedings on the cash. A notice was given to Kenneth Lang-Knight, Solomon Rolandus Fox, Tracey Irving and any other claimants to the cash seizure.

Claim holders must appear in court at 1:15 p.m. Jan. 14 before Bureau County Circuit Judge Marc Bernabei or the property will be forfeited.

This large cash seizure is the third in Bureau County in as many months. On Aug. 11, Tri-DENT stopped a tractor-trailer on I-80, east of Princeton, and seized nearly $9.3 million. Proceedings are ongoing until Nov. 20.

On Sept. 8, in the parking lot of the westbound I-80 rest area, Tri-DENT seized $617,950. Proceeding are ongoing until Dec. 10.

Bureau County