Letter: Mark Gerhardt, the best choice for McHenry County Judge

To the Editor:
I highly endorse Judge Mark Gerhardt for election as McHenry County Circuit Court Judge. There are many professional reasons why Mark Gerhardt is the best choice.

To name a few; Judge Gerhardt is the incumbent and was unanimously appointed as a circuit judge by the Illinois Supreme Court. He has effectively presided over traffic, juvenile and family cases as well as criminal jury trials.

Judge Gerhardt has 25 years of legal experience, including over nine years of experience as a judge. Mark Gerhardt served as Assistant State’s Attorney in both Cook and McHenry County.

Judge Gerhardt is endorsed by the Sheriff, State’s Attorney, County Board Chairman, and the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

While Judge Gerhardt has glowing professional credentials, I know him as a friend. I have the privilege to observe Mark interact with his family, and he is a genuine loving and caring family man.

Mark is a man of deep meaningful faith with unquestionable integrity. Mark approaches his responsibility as judge with the reverence it deserves. And, I know him as a man who brings the unique balance of grace, justice and fairness to a role that impacts the lives of real people.

I encourage you to vote for Judge Mark Gerhardt for McHenry County Circuit Court Judge.

Dalyn Dye