Letter: Supporting Mark Gerhardt for judge

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Mark Gerhardt in his bid to continue to serve his community as a McHenry County Circuit Court judge. The role of judge is not an easy one. It takes years of experience, a calm and focused demeanor and a dedication to upholding the law fairly and equally for all those who appear in their court.

I believe that Mark's 25 years of broad legal experience, including prosecuting, presiding over all types of cases including juvenile, family and criminal jury trials has prepared him to fulfill this important role.

As important as his legal experience is his ability to interact effectively with all of the varied personalities involved in the court process, which is often stressful and volatile.

Mark has developed these important life skills in his extensive work as a servant leader in his community. He has coached Little League, serves on the safety team at his church, taught criminology at Trinity International College, held every executive board position on the McHenry County Bar Association and was honored in 2015 by Turning Point with the Peace and Justice Award, just to name a few.

He does not just live in the community, he embraces it by taking an active part in making it a better community for all of us. I believe a good judge must first be a good person. I know Mark Gerhardt to be a truly good and faithful man.

Kathi Etten