Letter: Track record makes McLaughlin obvious choice for IL-52

To the Editor:

I would like to endorse Martin McLaughlin for Illinois State Representative, District 52. I have lived in Barrington Hills for 19 years and am extremely impressed with Marty’s results over the past seven years as Village President.

In this volunteer position, Marty has worked tirelessly to reduce our village’s expenses and reduce our taxes, something not commonly seen in Illinois.

Marty’s long, successful career in the financial industry, along with his public sector experience makes him the perfect choice to represent us in Springfield. We need people like Marty to help turn around our dismal financial condition and to balance our state budget, a constitutional requirement that has been ignored under Democratic leadership.

Marty is adamantly opposed to increased taxes and also to Governor Pritzker’s “Fair Tax” plan.

I was born and raised in Illinois, and I am devastated to see our beautiful state crushed by increasing financial burdens, causing our state to be in the top five for people fleeing from high taxes and corrupt government officials.

My daughter left three years ago for a job in Washington DC, and my brother is building a new home in Wisconsin. In May of this year, my entire department was eliminated due to COVID-19, and I am now currently unemployed with little hope for a new job in Illinois.

We must have honest, fiscally responsible Republicans like Martin McLaughlin in our Illinois government who will keep our taxes down and increase job opportunities, encouraging Illinois residents to stay in our state and make our state prosperous again.

Kathleen LaChapelle

Barrington Hills