Letter: Supporting Marci Suelzer

To the Editor:

Marci Suelzer-D of Island Lake is the clear choice to for IL State Representative in District 52.

She has never held political office but is uniquely qualified to do so. Marci has a law degree in addition to a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. Her understanding of the law, combined with her empathy and compassion for others will make her a well-informed, thoughtful legislator. Her values reflect those of the majority.

Although she is a Christian, Marci fully supports the rights of people whose beliefs differ from hers and adheres to the separation of church and state that is integral to the preservation of individual rights in our nation.

Marci’s opponent on the ballot, Marty McLaughlin-R of Barrington Hills does not recognize the rights of respect the beliefs of people who are different than him. His replies to surveys posted on the Illinois Family Institute’s website and ivoter.com reveal his disturbing stance on several issues, including his assertion that gay marriage should be illegal and that the Ten Commandments should be posted in Illinois public schools.

He is also not in compliance with our state’s pandemic response. Mr. McLaughlin is Village President of Barrington Hills and is recklessly pushing forward with a public festival next month that is contraindicated by state guidelines and public health policy.

Please help move IL District 52 forward by electing an intelligent and caring person who is eager to serve her entire constituency fairly. Vote for Marci Suelzer on Nov. 3 (or much sooner by mail).

Cindy Pilz