Letter: Involution not revolution

To the Editor:

Revenge is taking payback from someone who has done you harm. Felony extortion is what’s currently going on in American cities.

Placating politicians wrongfully blame recent social unrest on generations old history rather than accept their own contemporary failures. Some politicians intentionally instill and amplify civil unrest to incite the mob to violence. 2020 hate and rage is not really about any form of payback; it’s about rising-up a cult whose leadership is disguising its’ political motivation to covertly launch single party domination.

2020 may be the year that starts the AI generation. The Age of Insincerity. Politicians are all about the hypocrisy of “do as I say, not as I do.” Politicians want the power to control, but not the responsibility for their failures.

It’s nauseous to see all the meaningless rhetoric from the wonderland of political mad-hatters when courage and leadership is at the heart of what matters. How hard is it to legally step-in and stop the criminals that are hurting people and destroying property. If we are all equal we have to be treated as equal; not as pampered minorities and silent majorities.

Every election cycle politicians sacrifice America’s prior progress and unity by systematically driving people apart into voting blocks they can manipulate with promises.

Half of America has been driven to the apex of hate. Using their platform of hate desperate politicians have bowed to voters so they will elect their mentally deadman-walking Presidential candidate. This weak-minded imposter uses proxies to cover-over his constant mistakes.

A strong President will go beyond superficial appeasement to provide all people with the safety and security they need to properly raise a healthy family. One America, one community should be our goal.

Which presidential candidate will, “give us what we want, not what they choose to give us?”

Rick Dime