Letter: Joe Biden is simply a placeholder

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To the Editor:

The Constitution and Bill of Rights integrate natural laws with neutral principles to form the rule of law that protects all Americans from tyranny. Each person elected to be our local, regional, or national leader mustpledge above all else to uniformly apply the constitutional rule of law to serve and protect the public good.

Before our eyes, the greatness of America is being bled out by the burgeoning bureaucratic malaise of appointed staffers that overwhelm and usurp the duty of our elected leaders. We elect leaders to stand up for and to execute the public’s will, not placate and circumvent our will.

Leadership must condone free thinking, so all national interests can prevail. A self-governing nation must allow the free flow of diverse ideas to create an abundance of opportunity and equality. Equality of opportunity does not equate to sameness. Diversity, individualism and entrepreneurism are long-standing American values.

A shepherd, like a bureaucratic politician, uses his staff to push and control the flock by prodding at them from behind. Any shepherd can easily fence in weak-minded followers, branded them, and sell them out.

A nation of independent thinkers require an open-minded leader. You can feel more than see the quality of a gifted leader drawing the congregation together and moving them forward as one unified force.

Historical leaders like Jesus, Lincoln, MLK, JFK, applied their individual principles and merged them with the rule of law. Leaders don’t serve an ideological faction, a party, or a cause; they engage with the people and show them how and what they can do for themselves.

An effective leader uses enthusiasm, competent preparation, precise timing, and energy to follow through to empower others.

Joe Biden lacks energy, preparedness, competence, and coherent communication skills. Biden is a faux-leader; a placeholder soon to be replaced.

Rick Dime