More than half of all Kendall County residents with COVID-19 between ages of 30 and 59

Health department reports 650 cases, 22 deaths as of Thursday

More than half of Kendall County's 650 confirmed COVID-19 cases involve individuals between the ages of 30 and 59, according to Kendall County Health Department data released Thursday, May 21.

The data shows that patients in their 30s account for 16% of all COVID-19 cases, while patients in their 40s account for 22% and patients in their 50s account for 19% of the cases.

Individuals in their 80s and 90s account for just 5% of the cases, but Dr. Amaal Tokars, executive director for the Kendall County Health Department, said those are the most vulnerable age groups.

"The most lethality is more likely to happen in these areas," Tokars told the Kendall County Board during a remote meeting May 19.

Women account for 55% of all county COVID-19 cases while men comprise 45%, the data shows.

Of the 650 total COVID-19 cases reported by the health department Thursday, 350 were listed as in recovery and 22 individuals had died. On Wednesday, the health department had reported 635 cases in the county and the 22 deaths.

According to state health department data by ZIP code, there have been 422 people tested for COVID-19 in 60548, 657 tested in 60545, 640 tested in 60560, 1,123 tested in 60538 and 1,129 tested in 60543 as of Thursday.

Slightly over half of the individuals to contract COVID-19--52%--reside in either Oswego, 27%, Oswego Township, 14%, or Montgomery, 11%, the data shows.

Tokars told the county board she is urging residents who have been diagnosed with the virus to get in touch with health department staff not only for contact tracing purposes, but as wellness checks.

"We are worried about you," Tokars said, referring to those patients. "We worry that, if you're living alone, we won't know how you're doing and there are couple of cases where good colleagues and the police or fire department have had to help us and stop by and knock on your doors to make sure you're all right."