July 31, 2021

Further restrictions put on access to courthouse

No member of public will be allowed inside through April 5

HENNEPIN — On the authority of the Presiding Circuit Judge James A. Mack, Sheriff Kevin L. Doyle and County Board Chairman Steven O. Malavolti of Putnam County, and in accordance with Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s pronouncements of March 20, all prior orders and press releases are hereby supplemented and to the extent inconsistent herewith are superseded as follows:

It is expected that no member of the public will be allowed in the Putnam County Courthouse from now through April 5, 2020, absent specific orders from the aforesaid authorities.

Members of essential staff (at reduced numbers) may still appear during this time to conduct essential court/government business.

Governmental functions may still be addressed on line or by phone. Necessary papers may be dropped off at the sheriff’s office and they will be delivered to the directed office.

Court proceedings (absent jury trials) may still be heard remotely by phone or video conference per prior administrative orders and the presiding judge’s approval.

Any person with matters to be addressed should call the respective office for direction on how to proceed.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency) — 815-925-7084.

Putnam County Probation — 815-925-7153.

Putnam County Supervisor of Assessments — 815-925-7238.

Putnam County Treasurer — 815-925-7226.

Putnam County Circuit Court Clerk — 815-925-7016.

Putnam County Clerk/Recorder — 815-925-7129.

Putnam County State’s Attorney — 815-925-7378.