Letter: First U.S. land victory of WWII overlooked

To the Editor:

First, as a baby boomer, my thanks go out to every veteran who served in World War II. Without this Greatest Generation, I would not be able to write this letter.

We celebrate D-Day and their sacrifice with parades, speeches, flyovers and numerous newspaper articles.

However, I am confused, wondering why our first successful offensive land battle of WWII, conducted 21 months before D-Day, has not received the same level of public events.

Marines, the Navy and Army sailed more than 2,000 miles only nine months after Pearl Harbor, landed on Guadalcanal and fought for more than seven months to secure our first land victory.  Yet their sacrifices do not elicit the same amount of public attention as the D-Day invasion.

As a proud son of a combat Marine, I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for every member of the Marines, Navy and Army who fought in the Pacific theater over amazing distances and difficulties to victory.

Arthur Nystrom