May 27, 2024
Sports - Kendall County


D'Arcy Motors Athlete of the Week: Meggie Scott, Newark sophomore, girls basketball

Why she was selected:

Meggie Scott led Newark's girls basketball team to the championship of the Somonauk Breakout Tournament.

Scott, the libero for Newark's volleyball team that just took fourth in the state, wasted no time making her presence felt on the basketball court. She scored 16 points in a win over Sandwich, scored 10 points with four assists in a 49-39 win over Aurora Central Catholic, had 13 points, eight steals, five assists and six rebounds in a 50-13 win over Hinckley-Big Rock and had 13 points, seven rebounds and six assists in the 51-35 win over Seneca in the championship game.

Record sports editor Joshua Welge spoke to Scott about her team's fast start, about playing for her mom and about the transition from volleyball. Here is an edited version of the transcript

Welge: How do you feel about the start the basketball team has had?

Scott: I think we started off pretty well, you could say that. It's good to have a weekend off to get some rest coming off volleyball – it's a long season. Going 4-0, you can't ask for more than that.

Welge: It was such a short turnaround from volleyball. How did you handle it?

Scott: On off days during volleyball season I go to the gym and shoot about 250 shots and I run occasionally. I've been working a lot in the offseason. To go from Saturday volleyball, to Sunday off, to then have a basketball game Monday was pretty crazy. I was tired, but we were on such a high that it was fun.

Welge: Besides four wins, what stood out from the first week of basketball?

Scott: Our defense won the Seneca championship game for us.

Welge: What makes your team's defense thrive?

Scott: I think we are quicker this year and deeper as a team. We are buying into the process that defense wins games and we are all doing our part.

Welge: What's the best part about playing for your mom [Newark head coach Barb Scott]?

Scott: We have a special bond. We get along, we are both competitive and we don't like to lose. We think alike. It's pretty fun. She coached quite a few of us in junior high in Lisbon, which is nice.

Welge: Do you and your mom talk about the games afterwards?

Scott: Right when we get in the car after we get off the bus we analyze every quarter of the game, what I can do better and what the team did well.

Welge: What does it take to be a successful point guard?

Scott: Mental toughness is important. Teams put a lot of pressure on you. You have to be able to see the court well. It takes a lot of practice, and I've practiced a lot. This year I think will be a lot easier. Our team jells so well together, and some of the other girls can handle the ball too.