November 29, 2023
Sports - Kane County

Sports - Kane County

Athlete of the week: Batavia football’s Kyle Niemiec

Kyle Niemiec




Why he was selected:

Niemiec threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more in Friday’s 48-28 win at St. Charles North

Batavia senior quarterback Kyle Niemiec steered the Bulldogs to 5-0 on Friday, accounting for four touchdowns and more than 200 yards of total offense against St. Charles North. Niemiec, the Kane County Chronicle-St. Charles Bank & Trust Athlete of the Week, touched base with Chronicle sports editor Kevin Druley about the game and the team's season to date. An edited transcript follows:

What allowed the offense to click down the stretch against North?

It was a close game in the beginning. I mean, North, they're a fantastic team. … Coach [Sean] Anderson, he's our new offensive coordinator, and he's possibly one of the smartest coaches I've ever been around. What he sees on the field when he's up in the press box like that, he can just take it to that next level and we attack the holes and openings that we see.

How is the team vibe thus far this season?

What it is this year, I believe we’re more of a team. Everybody can count on each other’s backs and we play for the person next to us. I think that separates us a little bit. … We play for our brothers. ‘You are your brother’s keeper,’ that’s what our defensive coordinator, coach [Matt] Holm says, and we hold each other to that.

Sounds like a good mantra for the offensive lne, too.

All those guys can play, and everybody can count on everybody. They’re doing a fantastic job and they’re really physical. They’re not afraid of anybody.

Kevin Druley

Kevin Druley for Shaw Local News Network

Kevin Druley is a freelance writer for Shaw Local News Network who covered sports for the Kane County Chronicle from 2008-16