June 20, 2024
Local News

Westmont sergeant honored at Valor Awards

WESTMONT – A local sergeant was honored at this year’s 31st annual Meeting and Presentation of Valor Awards Dinner hosted by the Hundred Club of DuPage County Wednesday.

Sgt. James Schlicher was selected for the award after being nominated by Westmont Police Chief Thomas Mulhearn.

“It all came directly through him and his efforts to support me and what I do here,” said Schlicher, a Westmont resident.

Mulhearn nominated Schlicher for his actions  after a call received in June 2012.

When responding to a woman with a gun threatening to kill herself, the woman allegedly fired the gun
in Schlicher's direction.The woman now faces attempted murder charges,  =police said.

Schlicher was honored for his bravery, selflessness and devotion during the call.

Looking back on the events that day, Schlicher said he felt like it was just part of his duties.

“This is my job,” he said. “In law enforcement, every day you come to work you might have to save a life, take a life or your’s might be taken. You have to understand that coming in.”

In his 24th year at the Westmont Police Department, Schlicher said he’s been in a number of heated situations but never had the trigger pulled in his direction.

“We’re Westmont,” he said. “We have a great community. The woman was having a bad day and we’re moving forward.”

Along with Sgt. Schlicher, firefighters and paramedics from Hinsdale and Naperville were honored at the Valor Awards.