Bids sought for furbearer trapping permits

THOMSON – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff recently announced two special trapping programs for the upcoming trapping season.

The programs allow exclusive trapping rights to either the 3,600-acre Spring Lake Trapping Unit in Illinois, or the 2,100-acre Pleasant Creek Trapping Unit in Iowa. The rights will give one trapper and up to three assistants a special use permit for limited access into the unit. Access will be from the opening day of furbearer trapping season until the last day of the regular duck season.

Access into the trapping unit only is allowed from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, to reduce disturbance to waterfowl. Three helpers can accompany the trapper. Vehicle access is allowed on designated roads only. No refuge trap tags are needed, and an unlimited number of traps are allowed. A minimum of 100 trap-nights per week are required.

All traps must be removed on the last day of the regular duck hunting season.

Only one otter may be harvested from the unit. The trapper is required to submit a weekly harvest report, and trapping must be in accordance with other state and refuge trapping regulations.

Sealed bids should be submitted by Oct. 15 to the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, 7071 Riverview Road, Thomson, IL 61285.

A minimum $200 bid is required.

Bids will be opened Oct. 16, and full payment must be received by Oct. 19.

Visit the office or call 815-273-2732 for more information.