Thank You Teacher Letters 2023: Herald-News

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Carie Prosek: Thank you for always going out of your way to help anyone and everyone, you are truly one of the best teachers at Minooka and i’m glad I got the chance to be in your class not once, but twice. Gabriel Knowles

Jackie Kinsella: Ms. Kinsella is pretty nice and she helps me learn. Thank you Ms. Kinsella! Brandon Boseo

Jodie Dzubia: Thank you for being a nice 1st grade teacher! Jesse Magana

Jodie Dzubia: Thank you for being an awesome teacher and making 1st grade fun! Isabella Magana

Kristin King: Ms. King, thank you for being so kind and patient to our young learners. Your passion for teaching and creativity with lesson plans promotes an exciting and fun learning environment. Thank you for all you do! Brandon Boseo

Karen Klump: Thank you so much for all you do to help my classmates and I grow and learn. You always push us to do our BEST and the care you take in making sure each of your students is able to so that we succeed. You make learning fun and are very creative! Thank you for all that you do, you are a blessing to us! Dominic Dulny

Terese Osacky: Dear Ms. Osacky, I really liked all the fun days we had and the stories you told. You are the best 4th grade teacher I ever had. Sincerely, Your Favorite Student. Mason Darnel

Misty Frickenstein: Dear Mrs. Frickenstein, thank you for being a great teacher. You let us have toys in class and you were always nice. Thank you for everything. Carter Darnell

Karl Smith: Mr. Smith was my a teacher that made real connections with students yet taught a rigorous English course where we learned a lot in an interesting way. I enjoyed his class and visiting his classroom even after I was done with the course. Alec Mickenbecker

Stephanie Adams: Some heroes don’t wear capes, they teach. Thank you for being a great teacher. Bartosz Ciesla

Karen Eiserman: Thank you for being the best 5th grade teacher. We had an awesome class and you made school enjoyable. I am about to graduate from Iowa State and your class comes to mind when I think about a great teacher. Eric Mickenbecker

Cheryl Steed: Thank you for making a difference each day. Thank you for being my teacher during COVID. Bartosz Ciesla

Kiersten Draper: Thank you for all you do, you are essential. Bartosz Ciesla

Jessica Maloney: Thank you for being an awesome teacher. Bartosz Ciesla

Mrs. Kathleen Boucher: If I could have Mrs. B, I’d love to be back in the classroom again. She’s the best at Plainfield South! Becoming a teacher later in life? No problem! She inspires the kids and makes me confident that our future is bright when she shares her classroom stories! Still going strong! Keep up your good work! Mike McGrath

Shealynn M. Pierce: Dear Ms. Pierce,I just wanted to give thanks and say how fun you have made math. Before this year, math was one of my strong suits but was never fun. This made me nervous for my future because I’ve always wanted to be an engineer or architect. Then, coming into this year scared that this catalyst class would be very hard, all of my nerves went away when I saw how nice you were. All year you have made the boring things as fun as they could be. You are nice, thoughtful, helpful, and so on. Thank you! Gage Taylor

Thane Jaros: My fourth grade teacher, Mr. Jaros, is someone I still think of; he gave me hope when I felt lost. With everything going on in my life, he taught me that I was never alone. When I felt as if I didn’t have a dad, he stepped up to be a father figure. The night I saw him at my dad’s funeral, I knew I couldn’t have gotten through that year without him. There are no words to express how thankful I am to have been his student. He saved me when I was lost and I am forever grateful. Baileigh Lavery

Erynn Volpe: Thank you for being there for me with a wise word anytime I need it and for all the new things that I learned this year. You are a wonderful person! Elias Tenea

Jennifer Huey & Janine Milles: My son never would have made it without the strong team work, and kind emotional support of these two. I literally took a village to guide him through daily struggles, they took the time to really understand his history, and special needs to build a successful, positive learner. I am forever grateful for their dedication to make sure every student is successful. I also have to mention Maggie Obadiah, his social worker who spent hours every day with him. This was truly a group effort. Oliver Cowger

Kathy Hibner: Thank u Mrs Hibner for all your hard work and dedication to making me read better and understanding what I am reading. It people like u that we need as teachers in our school. Elizabeth Krueger

Janine Michalak: Mrs. Michalak is an amazing teacher at Channahon Junior High School. She has the purest soul and the sweetest heart. She pushes everyone to do their best, makes sure we understand what she teaches, and notices when a student is upset. She knows how to make us laugh. She makes class a joy to be in. When teaching something new, she gives her all. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate her. She listened to us and cared for us as if we were her own children. Thank you for pushing us, helping us, caring for us, noticing us, everything. Audrey Stupak

Misty Frickenstien: Thank you, Mrs. Frickenstien for teaching my 3rd Grade class this year! You’re the funnest teacher I’ve ever had! Grace Martin

Angie Jolly: Thank you Mrs. Jolly for always being so much fun and sweet. You have helped me learn a ton in first grade and I love Math because of you! You also have helped my faith grow stronger. I will never forget you and want to be just like you when I grow up. You are the best teacher in the world and I am so thankful to be in your class! Thank you for all that you do for me every day. Abby Zientek

Kirk Lange: Thank you so much Mr. Lange for making my 7th grade year more enjoyable. I have had so much fun in your class, while still learning so much. You are very sarcastic and funny, which is one of the best things you can have as a teacher.Laid-backAccomplishedNiceGoodheartedEssentialAgain, thank you so much Mr. Lange, I appreciate all of your hard work towards educating me and my peers. We all greatly appreciate it! Nora Degroot

Mary Valentino: We offered you supplies from a presentation my son, Noah, made for Scouts. You invited him to use the materials and do the presentation at school. It was very kind of you to carve time out if your lesson plans to let Noah do this. It’s such a great boost of confidence when kids haven’t had many of these kinds of opportunities to do something like this. Thank you for taking the time to practice with Noah and let him share something at school. Heidi Skoniecke/Noah Skoniecke

Amy Delgado: Thank you so, so much, Miss. Delgado, for being such a good teacher this year. You have helped through a lot of work that I wouldn’t have understood if it weren’t for you. I hope this short message has good grammar! Raegan Krajack

Dr. Lyle Hicks: As the best Undergraduate professor, Dr. Lyle Hicks, who is now Emeritus Professor at USF, he always put his students first. He was the reason I stayed in college school, despite one bad advisor/professor, as he encouraged and motivated me to not listen to bullies and those that don’t believe in non-traditional female students, but reminded me to focus on my goals and what I wanted to do to make a difference. He promoted self confidence, determination, empowerment, compassion, motivation, servant leadership and making a difference. Even though he has retired, his words and lasting legacy of kindness and empowerment will stay with each of his tens of thousands of students, forever. He is one in a million. Best Professor. As he would always say; “It’s a beautiful thing.” Every class, we would hear that, which was just one way that he said and showed to us, that he cared. No one like him. Thank you. Karen Ward

Debbie Kijowski: Thanks for being a great teacher and giving me candy and trivia questions. Jackson Ringbauer

Elizabeth Burrs: At Channahon Jr. High School we have a lot of great teachers but my ultimate inspiration comes from my very favorite P.E teacher, Miss Burrs. Miss Burrs has been in my gym from 7th-8th grade and has always been a friendly face to talk to. She always makes sure I’m proud of my accomplishments and hard work ethics. Whenever I’m having a rough day, Miss Burrs was always there to make sure I was okay. It’s important to have one teacher that you know you can fully trust and be open with.. That teacher, for me, is Elizabeth Burrs. Elizabeth Henkaline

Shea Pierce: I could not thank her any more. She would push me my hardest and when I really needed help she would put her things aside and help me no matter what she was doing. That is why I like her so much. She supported us with candy as well. Thanks Mrs. Pierce. Joey Chiappini

Shea Peirce: Ms. Peirce, you are a good teacher thank you. Christian Paramo

Amy Delgado: I am so happy to have you as my ELA teacher this year! I have been going through lots and you were there and understood what was going on and always made sure I was okay. You are very funny and try to make class as fun as you can. That’s what makes you so amazing is because you always find ways to make us laugh. Sometimes you may be strict but as long as we follow rules you are nice and are an amazing teacher. Thank you for being my teacher this year! Sincerely, Kaylynn Ramirez

Justin Meyer: Thank you Mr. Meyer for always helping us students and for caring about us. You ask students if they are okay, you check up on us, you help us if and when we are confused. I would like to personally thank you for always making sure I’m okay. So thank you Mr. Meyer for everything you’ve done for us students. Zayda Lopez

Terese Osacky: Thank you Ms. Osacky for being so kind and so wonderful. You are the best teacher friend. Your class is always fun. I always learn so much with you. I wish you could be my teacher again. I love you. Corinne Bryant

Michael Mines: While Mr. Mines is a para educator he has been instrumental in helping me and other students at Joliet West achieve so much. He is an amazing person, educator, and coach. Martin Huntington

Courtney Ubert: Thank you for helping me with all of my work Ms. Ubert. You are the nicest teacher I’ve ever had! Love, Austin Arendziak

Shannon O’Connor: Thank you Ms. O’Connor for making learning so fun for our first grader! She has learned so much this year and is always showing us the cute and fun ways that she learned how to do it or remember it! She has felt welcomed since day one and really loves her teacher and class! Thank you for everything you do! Adalynn Ahlert

Terese Osacky: Thank you Mrs. Osacky for teaching me and thank you for being very kind to meYou are the best teacher I’ve ever had! I am very grateful to have you as my teacher. You are a wonderful teacher. Corinne Bryant

Ms. Lisa Pastoor: Thank you for the love you share with the kiddos. Sophie Mukasa

Kayla Bekermeier: Thank you Ms. Bek for the countless time you gave to me and all your other students even if it meant staying much later than you had to. You were always there for me then and I know that if I ever needed anything now you would still be there. You have made such an impact in my life and because of you I am no longer afraid to express my opinion. I aspire to be as loving and fearless as you are because I love seeing the difference you make in others lives. Thank you for all you have done for me because it has meant more than you will ever know. Leah Stonitsch

Mel Pershall: Ms. Mel is truly a gift! She is so wonderful and love her kiddos like they are her own. We are so thankful to have her as our teacher! Wyatt O’Dowd

Melanie Kunz: Dear Coach Kunz, you were my 4th grade teacher by chance, my Coach by choice and always my role model. Thank you for being someone who taught me how to dig deep and find greatness. You inspired me to find my strength and challenge myself in the classroom and on the court. Thru hard work and dedication I have achieved so many of my goals. You are someone I will always look to for advice and direction. You have taught me that anything is possible and have believed in me since the day I became your student. You deserve the recognition for your commitment to Saratoga school and the volleyball program. Thank you. Alissa Samolis

Misty Frickenstein: I am thankful for my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Frickenstein. She is always smiling. Her joyful laugh makes me feel happy and loved. She has creative crafts for us to do. Gretta Keys

Erynn Volpe: Thank you Mrs. Volpe for always making learning fun and for being so nice and encouraging. You work extra hard to create a classroom where we can grow and soar and I love being in your class! Skylar Downing

Sarah Novinski: Mrs. Novinski, having the most precious person in our life start kindergarten in such turbulent times was not easy for Ben and I in many ways. We worried about many things thinking about the school year starting. Many of things we no longer worry about because of you and the love and compassion you show to your students. We watch Adrianna happily walk into school with a smile on her face each morning because of you. We hear about the exciting and fun things that happen in her day because of you. Please know that you make a huge difference in our lives everyday. Thank You! Adrianna Koepke

Lynne Huyser: You are the best teacher because you are always caring, funny, and energetic. Kiara Kandukuri

Amy Boutte: Our family absolutely loves our son’s PK4 teacher this school year, Mrs. Boutte. She is positive, kind, and understanding. I know that she has had a great impact on our son and his learning. He is excited about learning and always has wonderful things to say about his school day. Our son adores her and cannot wait to spend his preschool days with her! We hope he continues to have teachers as wonderful as Mrs. Boutte. Thank you, Mrs. Boutte! Sterling Brooks

Mrs Amy Boutee: There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Mrs Amy Boutee is! She has been such a wonderful blessing to our Daughters education and life. She can not wait to go to school and give her Teacher the biggest hug. She really loves her students and it shows. We can’t thank her enough for all she has done with our Daughters education and spiritual teaching of God! Daniella Castillo

Vanessa Mohr: Mrs Mohr, if teachers were flowers, I will definitely pick you! Thank you for being a wise and amazing teacher! Emylee Wanner

Cely Correia Monteiro: Thank you for being so amazing! You are a patient, kind, loving, and treat each student as if they were your own! Jaxson Proce

Lindsay Ramirez: Thank you for your patience. Mark Latham

Sarah Novinski: Mrs. Novinski has helped our son progress through his Kindergarten year with a high level of care and attention. She’s the best! Dylan Martire

Mrs Maloney: Thank you for your patience, love and dedication. Adapting to the middle of the school year would not be easy, but thanks to you and your patience I was able to feel comfortable and learn a lot. Jeremy López

Tamara Broussard: Thank you for being a super nice teacher. I appreciate everything you do. Callie Leder

Sara Bohac: Thank you for being a great teacher both at school and at home! Jamisen Sorensen

Kayla Bekermeier: Thank you for all your help teaching cheer camp.I can’t wait to be in middle school and have you as a teacher all the time! Aubrey Holt

Laura Hilger, Meagan DeGroot, Michelle Fish: I am nominating all three of my daughters who are teachers/administrator here in our local area. Since I was a teacher for 35 years at Joliet Township and my wife, Cindy was a teacher for 21 years in the Plainfield area. I guess it was natural to have three daughters, who would become teachers as their occupation. Meagan is the activities and athletic Director for Troy schools, Laura Hilger is a honors program teacher at Plainfield Ridge, and Michelle Fish is a PE teacher at Troy ! All three girls love their jobs! I’m very proud of them! Ed Lewandowski

Deborah Countryman: Mrs. Countryman goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students. My child has significant communication, sensory, and medical needs and Mrs. Countryman is always thinking of new ways to support my son and his classmates to meet their individual needs and goals. She supports them so that they have the middle school experience with lockers, etc. and gives them the opportunity to interact with typical peers during P.E., study hall and other times within their day. I love how she works so hard for inclusion on a daily basis! My child has made so much progress this year and it is thanks to her and her daily advocacy for students that has made a world of difference for my child. Nolan Lambert

Julie Higgins: Thank you for your kindness, patience, and understanding. You are wonderful teacher and we’re so lucky to have you! Augustine Newton

Lindsay Hummer: Mrs. Hummer, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! You’ve made this year so fun for your students. Augustine Newton

Mrs. Jamie Koziol: I would like to thank Mrs Jamie Koziol for her kindness and compassion toward my granddaughter. Skylar was going through a rough time at home and had some emotional issues. Mrs Koziol took the time during Christmas break to call us to let us know what was happening at school. Mrs Koziol went above and beyond what a principal would do outside of school hours. She is concerned about the well being of the students and genuinely cares about them. This is evident when she is directing students before and after school, spending time with students in the classroom and her overall positive demeanor. I am thankful for her guidance and impact that she has demonstrated with my granddaughter and many of the other students at Milne Grove School. I am also a parent of three adult children who went to Milne Grove. Mrs Koziol is hands down the best principal this school has ever had! Skylar Schopf

Cheryl Steed: Mrs Steed has gone above and beyond to help my daughter Lilly. In ways I can never even begin to explain. No matter how difficult the situation, she never gave up on her and neither did anyone else at the school. Milne grove is a phenomenal school with teachers who truly care and we are forever grateful for all they have done for us! Thank you Mrs steed, Mrs Koziol, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Rundell. Lillian Scharnagle

Erika Jeske: Mrs. Jeske has gone above and beyond in supporting my third grader. From purchasing a fish for my son to feed to allowing him daily time to play games with her, she built a meaningful relationship with him, which essentially allowed him to overcome a significant amount of school anxiety. In addition, she provided daily updates to us, allowing me to breathe and know my son was deeply cared for. Cameron Lamorte

Marissa Capezzuto: Thank you for being an amazing, loving, caring teacher not just one year but two years in a row! We are so thankful to have had you as Isabella’s teacher! You are an amazing teacher!! Isabella Campos

April Flaws: Thank you for being the best mom and the teacher to your students! Nathan Flaws

Heather Wagner: Thank you, Mrs. Wagner for all you do for me. Before you I never wanted to read or write and now my mom catches me doing them on my own. Thank you. Keaton DeCesare

Betsy Cowherd-Coal City Intermediate School: Thank you for being the best teacher ever. Not only did you challenge me in the subjects that I’m good at, but you helped me to develop a love for writing, something I previously hated. You taught me to put my heart into everything I do and never give up. Thank you for continuing to support me in my education although I no longer attend your school. You are awesome! Emerlyn Kaluzny

Cheryl Carew: Thank you Mrs. Carew for teaching me all year. You are the nicest teacher I ever met. I love when you do math. You say nice things and you make me want to learn more. Isaac Kikos

Terese Osacky: Miss Osacky is such a wonderful human being. She teaches with excitement and make learning fun and interesting. She also is so loving and caring. We love Miss Osacky. Cely Vargas

Mrs. Karen Hinds: We have been fortunate enough to have Mrs. Hinds as a teacher to two of our three kids. She always shows compassion, dedication and enthusiasm to her students. Her commitment to caring for her students has helped make our children’s years with her a great experience. We are incredibly thankful that she has made part of their elementary experience so memorable. Kinley & Landon Meyer

Keturah Byrd Wilson Elementary Chicago Heights: Thank you Mrs Byrd for being such an amazing teacher! You have made this school such a great experience. Aniylah Austin

Jessica Maloney: Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding! You truly make learning fun in first grade! Jack Kantelberg

Miss Bekermeier: Thank you so much miss bek for always being there for me and really showing me who God is i am so thankful for everything you have done for me. You have made an impact on my life ever since i came to TCS. Tessa Witt

Colleen Preboy: I will never be able to thank you enough for the impact that you have made in my girls’ lives. No matter how much time goes by, you continue to ALWAYS be their favorite!! Just remember 3 down, 2 to go! Bella, Quinn and Taitt Perry- Kesteloot

Kristin Blake: Mrs. Blake represents the importance of creating meaningful, long lasting friendships inside and outside of the classroom. Despite attempts to break her stride, she continues to not only amaze students by her outstanding achievements, but she continues to soar past expectations, accomplishing great feats as head coach of the Joliet West Speech Team and director of Group Interp. I am so thankful to get to know her as she has helped me enormously to grow into the person I am today. Without her, so many students, along with myself, would not have exposure to the level of care and passion she has shown throughout her many years at Joliet West. I can surely note that she has been the light of my high school career as she has taught me the importance of kindness, and friendship. Thank you so much Mrs. Blake for all you have done for your students; it truly goes without saying that you are the best teacher, mentor, leader, and friend. Thank you. Daniel Sanchez

Kristin Blake: One of the only reasons I’ve made it through high school has been because of your constant support and dedication. Thank you for four amazing years! Alexa Latham

Kristin Blake: Thank you so much Mrs. Blake I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you. You’ve taught me so much not only in the drama department but In life and I aspire to be like you. Ellen Johnson

Molly Murdock-Schey: Thank you Mrs.Blake you have truly changed my life for the better. I have never had a more caring and thoughtful teacher in my life. I can only hope to be 1/2 as good of a teacher as you are. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I love you more than I can say in words. Molly Murdock-Schey

Kristin Blake: Ilysm Krikky <333 you never fail to inspire me daily and you truly make going to school 1000x better! Never stop being you. Kynnedi Jackson

Kristin Blake: Thank you krik for being such an amazing teacher, coach, and friend. You’ve taught me more than just acting skills but responsibility and confidence, I love you so much. Kimberly Hernandez Munoz

Kristen Blake: Thank you for being an amazing drama teacher, you’re the reason I decided to do drama! Payton Stavropoulos

Kristin Blake: Mrs. Blake has truly helped make my 4 years at west the best years they can be. She has given me so much and I cannot put my appreciation into words. Caitlyn Murdock Schey

Michaelene O’Halloran: You have been a great teacher for our son this year. I can see how much you care, and how much you work to make sure the kids in your class get exactly the supports they need! Jamie Amato

Vanessa Mohr: Dear Mrs. Mohr, thank you for being so nice to me when I was in kindergarten. I like talking to you in the halls still each day. In your class, I learned a lot about letters and numbers that help me still now. I think you’re a great teacher. Benjamin Pollard

Kristi Lewis: Mrs. Lewis is my favorite teacher because she is so funny and talented. She is such an easy person to talk to and she shares my passion of animals. I didn’t like Science last year but now I get so excited when I walk into Mrs. Lewis’s room to see what our lesson will be about today. Last year, I was terrified for dissecting and the thought of it made me sick. This year, dissecting was my favorite part of Science. That’s why she’s the best teacher I could ever ask for. Addison Byrer

Lynn Brock: Thank you Mrs. Brock for being a wonderful, kind teacher. Thank you for helping me grow in so many ways. You are the best 4th grade teacher ever! Joey Schranz

Ashlyn Russell: Mrs. Russell goes above and beyond for the students in her class. She connects with them at a level beyond what is expected from a teacher. She is very patient with the students who require extra help and takes time out of her life to make sure that they have what is needed. Emily Gluchman

Kristi Zientek: You are such an extraordinary teacher who loves and treasures not just your students but the whole TCS school and community. You make history class enjoyable by spending many hours planning out lessons that would engage your students. You show your interest in your students by asking what they did over the weekend, or even showing up at their after school actives. You create a pleasant and welcoming environment for all your students. I know if I had a problem you would be there for me. Thank you Mrs. Zientek for everything you do for TCS! Faye Novinski

Sarah Novinski: Coming out of the pandemic era of early childhood education, Mrs. Novinski successfully poured into the foundation of life long learning desire for our boy. We’re very grateful! Roger Gustafson

Mrs Sarah Novinski: Thank you for making Toni have a great kindergarten year! She absolutely adores you. Toni Fajinmade

Lisa Stanly: Mrs Stanly deserves all of the recognition she can get! She takes such care of her students and anyone can see her love is genuine. I know my child is safe and learning more in her care! She makes us feel like my child is the only one in class and we are so thankful for her extra care and attention. This world needs more Mrs. Stanly’s! Remy Walus

Michelle Fraser: The teacher that I’d like to thank is Mrs.Fraser! Thank you for being my teacher inside and outside of the classroom. You’re always just a call away if i have a math question or need some serious advice about “adulting”. Thank you for creating a safe place for me to learn and grow to become the best version of myself! Madison Fraser

Nicole Richardson: Thank you for making learning fun. I look forward to school every day because of you. Ashlyn Walega

Jill Jandacek: Backwards Writing There’s a reason I’m picking my third grade teacher. I’m nearly 16 years old and almost finished with my sophomore year in high school but Mrs. Jandacek still and will always stand out as the most incredible teacher I’ve ever had. One of the very first things she did was write a word on the board in cursive, backwards, without looking. She practiced that. Over summer. How many teachers practice one thing for an entire summer just because she wants to see her students smile. Hers was the first class I really learned. We didn’t know it then but with my ADHD school was a major struggle. But I’m her class I could focus. In her class I could think. In her class I could be myself and unlocked talents I never thought I had. Guess what I’m a good actor, I was reading a story when I first changed my voice, a subtle southern accent that turned a simple character into an over the top cowboy. Any other teacher would’ve complained. Would’ve yelled at me or told me to stop. Mrs Jandacek laughed and encouraged me to keep going. I met my best friend in that class we started a little business making comics and while it was a little silly she was supportive of that too even giving us ideas and time to make these comics in class. The whole class. But those things are what make her a good teacher not what makes her great. What makes her great is the fact that she came to help teach my sister to read over the summer. She came to visit my best friends little brother to say goodbye when the pandemic hit and since we happened to be around she was elated to see her former students as well. It’s been seven years since I was in third grade but Mrs. Jandacek had never stopped teaching me. Truett Bentsen

Jodie Gammon: She leads a team in a class where the students need more support emotionally and socially than academically. My son has been effected by Team Gammon who cheer him on for even the smallest victories. In the past year, he has learned to become an advocate for his needs, progressed in his academics and has a healthy and happy emotional attachment to school! Teachers like her are often passed over for regular education awards. Jodie loves her job and most of all embraces her students to help them thrive! Liam Clarke

Kristin Blake: Without a doubt, Kristin Blake is the most wonderful, passionate, and dedicated educator I have ever known. She inspired me to become a teacher when I had her in high school, and she continues to inspire me every day to be a better one. The impact she has on students is indescribable, and I am forever grateful to have her in my life. She deserves every teaching award that there is! Anthony Nardi

Stephanie Giugler: I believe that Mrs. Giugler should be the lucky winner because she is a kind hearted teacher and a person. She was always there for me when I needed help and when I was struggling. She took her time away from her home and family to meet with me during and after school to talk about everything. She helped me with everything I could ever imagine. When my father passed she was one of the only people to talk to me about and listen to me. Therefore I believe that she should be the lucky winner. She is always willing to take an extra step to help any student. Brandon Kentner

Kristin Blake: Mrs. Blake is a Drama teacher, speech, and group interpretation coach at Joliet West High School. She is well respected by her colleagues and loved by all of her students. It is due to her passion, love of teaching, and love of the arts that has contributed to the growth our drama program over the past years. This growth has contributed to the success of her after school activities in speech and G.I. Her teams have won numerous conference titles and have placed in the IHSA state series. This year, G.I. placed 4th in state. Mrs. Blake is a lead by example person, she does not just “talk the talk”, she “walks the walk”. She is a model of what great teaching is about. Mrs. Blake is exceptional with her content knowledge, builds long lasting relationship based on trust and respect, and empowers students to attain their goals. Myself and Joliet West thank Kristin for her hard work and hours she dedicates to her students to hone their craft in the arts. Jo Wooten

Kimberly Ann Pittinaro: There are no words to describe how grateful I am to you. You knew I was struggling, and you always put your best foot forward every chance you got. You befriended me— an outcast who didn’t want to live another day— and showed me that there is something worth living for. No matter what I’ve been through, you’ve been a constant reminder that things can change for the better. Thank you, Mrs. Pittinaro. Evita Evans

Randi McLuckie: Thank you for being the BEST, Ms. Randi! Emmy Provance

Patti Chimino: She has made my daughters first year of school amazing. She is a positive role model to all students and inspires each children she teaches. Parker Jarach

Mrs Kohrt ( Troy Hofer ) Thank you for always take care our kids and give the best of you to each. Sofia Reynolds

Cori Seguin: She is honestly the best teacher I could ask for my son. He has speech issues, and she has helped me and my son be super comfortable starting school. She has hugged my son often, and shows him so much compassion. I will love her forever. Colton Aguirre

Mrs. Hannah Kirk: Mrs. Kirk,You have been my math teacher for the past 3 years, and this is my last year at Rockdale School. You have taught me a lot, and am now signed up for Honors math at Joliet Central where I will be a freshman in the Fall.I look forward to math class, the way you teach is awesome and you help us learn, not just go through the motions.Thank you for showing us what an excellent teacher is, for believing in your students, and for showing us that math is cool.Thank you for all you have taught me.-Jacob RamirezClass of 2023 Rockdale School. Jacob Ramirez

Tim Boe: I’m not the person I am today if it wasn’t for Mr. Boe. He cares about students as people. Bradley McClelland

Albert Barney Sloan: 6 7 8 grade reading teacher. Established my lifelong love of reading kind. Funny. Still talk to him regularly. Jim Lanham


Dr. Jean Demas: Words cannot thank you enough. Your heart, compassion and Kindness for students is beyond measure. You truly give so much of your time and dedication to all of the Doctoral students/candidates at the University of St. Francis. Your knowledge, and guidance to help students/candidates achieve their goals is beyond going above and beyond. You are truly appreciated and a gift to all. Thank you. Karen Ward

Randi McLuckie: Ms Randi, thank you for teaching me in my first year of school. I enjoy every class and all that you teach me. You are an angel on earth. Emmy Provance