Letter: ‘Think of others besides yourselves and stop littering!’

Keyboard - letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

I found the letter from Mr. Rob Nash, executive director of the Illinois Beverage Association, interesting and somewhat encouraging. It is great that the industry is committed to protecting our environment through sustainable solutions. However, if you don’t have the same commitment from the public it doesn’t count for much.

Our country is so divided currently that we have an awful lot of citizens who have become complacent and thoughtless.  We recently celebrated Earth Day. That day, as I drove to Peru from Hennepin, I observed so much litter all along the roadways. Garbage thrown out of car windows, apparently, without a second thought. A couple of weeks ago I picked up two Menards-sized bags full of litter that had been carelessly thrown onto my property along the road.

The only question I can ask is, what is wrong with all of you people? Has it really come to a point where citizens no longer feel responsibilities for the communities in which they reside?

We should all be offended at the sight of litter blowing across so many farmer’s fields, masks carelessly dropped in parking lots where we all shop, McDonald’s bags and cups at the side of the road.

Come on people, think of others besides yourselves and STOP littering!


Judy Haggenjos