Lanark Lions Club gives support to Lanark Area Community Foundation

LANARK — The Lanark Lions Club voted to give a $500 contribution to the Lanark Area Community Foundation (LACF) to expand the growing list of projects supported.

“I was honored to accept an invitation from Allan Rahn recently to guest speak at a Lions meeting, where I was able to share the excitement that the LACF has for the future of the Lanark area. Lions members seemed genuinely interested and pleasantly surprised with our past accomplishments as well as our future dreams. To receive support and recognition from such a well-established and respected group like the Lanark Lions is extremely encouraging. As a member of both the Lions and LACF Allan has a unique perspective and could see the value in working together,” said Dan Lamoreux, LACF chairperson.

“Our eyes were opened to all the projects the LACF has been involved in. Although we were aware of their organization, we certainly didn’t have the full picture of their involvement in our community. The Lions Club is here to help serve our community and we felt a need to help the LACF in their endeavors to do just that too,” said Jeff Hoak, Lanark Lions Club President.

Visit to learn how to apply for grant funding or to financially support the Lanark Area Community Foundation. Past projects are also listed at that website as well as information about the mission of the LACF.