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Funerals, in their various forms, have been around for hundreds of years.

They exist as a formal and traditional way to gather with others and share our feelings, acknowledge the death of a loved one and show our proper respects. Beyond those foundational purposes, funerals are often about much more.

Funerals exist for emotional expression and grief support

Burying our feelings and not expressing them may seem understandable, especially in public. However, funerals are designed to encourage just the opposite. They exist as a welcome place to express our feelings and thoughts, which is a part of healthy grief recovery. Additionally, funerals welcome the support of loved ones, where everyone can help each other cope.

Funerals help us face reality and find answers

Sometimes, we find it hard to accept the loss of a loved one as fact. We simply do not want to acknowledge or believe it at first. Funerals can help bring that reality to mind and help us accept the loss in honest, positive ways.

As we begin to understand and accept our loss, questions may arise. Funerals are a starting point to help us find answers and understand their meaning. They can be the beginning of new ways to honor our lost loved one through the support and mutual grieving with others.

The funeral experience is wholesome

While funeral services serve as a way to gather and remember those who have passed, they are also part of the healing process for surviving friends and family. The whole experience is the start of what may allow us to share our feelings with others and begin a new relationship with the loved one we have lost.

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