Ogle County’s drop-off recycling program doing well, official says

OREGON – Almost two months into the resumption of a drop-off recycling program in Ogle County, officials are giving it an ‘thumbs up’.

“The program has returned on a trial basis, in the hope that the bins and the host locations are not misused,” Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department Director Paul Cooney said. “The program restarted on July 10, with two locations for county residents to drop-off their recyclables, and has been running successfully so far.”

The recycling bins are located at the Ogle County Farm Bureau parking lot, 421 W. Pines Road, Oregon, and at the Byron Forest Preserve Maintenance Facility parking lot, 6845 N. German Church Road, Byron.

There are also two other recycling bins in the County, Waste Management provides one at the Orchard Hills Landfill, 8290 IL-251, Davis Junction. Republic/ Moring also provides a recycling bin in Polo, at the lot on the corner of N. Franklin Avenue. and E. Locust Street.

“Both of these recycling bins are free for County residents to use. Residents do not need to drive over the scale at Orchard Hills to use the recycling bin however, the bin is for recyclables only. Residents who wish to dispose of garbage at the landfill will have to pay the disposal fee and use the scale,” Cooney said in a news release.

Materials accepted at the bins include:

  • Clean and dry paper products, including newspapers, magazines, office paper, cardboard, and paperboard (e.g., cereal boxes). No items contaminated by food (e.g. pizza boxes).
  • Plastic containers labeled with recycling symbols #1 through #5 & #7, such as beverage bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, and plastic food containers.
  • Glass bottles and jars, which should be rinsed and free of any lids or caps.
  • Metal cans, including aluminum and steel cans, and aluminum foil.

“The recycling guidelines are also posted on the decks, next to the bins,” Cooney said.

To ensure the success of the program, flatten cardboard boxes, rinse containers, and place the materials into the bin loose, not in plastic bags. Items that are not listed on the recycling guidelines should not be placed in the bin. While an item may have a recycling symbol in it, it does not guarantee that it is able to be recycled in this program.

“An example of this would be used motor oil containers, while a plastic container can be recycled, the residual oil left in the container will contaminate the other recyclables in the bin, so they should not be recycled in these bins,” he said. “Reducing the amount of contamination in the recycling bins from garbage will help maintain the integrity of the recycling process and keep this program sustainable. Ogle County residents are encouraged to come together as a community to embrace this program and make a positive impact on the environment through responsible recycling. Together we can build a brighter, more sustainable future for Ogle County.”

For more information about the Drop-Off Recycling Program, including specific guidelines and updates, visit www.oglecountyil.gov or contact the OCSWMD office at 815-732-4020.

Earleen Hinton

Earleen oversees production and content of 8 community weeklies and has worked for Shaw Newspapers since 1985.