Thank You Teacher Letters 2023: Northwest Herald

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Ilona K-A: Thank you Mrs. K-A for always being so happy, helpful and fun loving. You make school and learning so fun for each and every one of your kids. We love you !!! Anthony Huemann

Mrs. Casey Brymer-Suh: Dear Mrs. Suh, thank you/Gracias for a great kindergarten year! You helped me to grow more confident, to use my Spanish more often, and to be an avid reader. Chicka Chicka - Boom Boom! Lillian Nehring

Ian Rago: Dear Mr. Rago, thank you for making ELA and Reading AWESOME! I hope you have a great 6th grade ELA and reading class next year! Thank you for everything! Have a cool summer! Bria Olbrich

Laura Hay: Dear Mrs.Hay, Thank you for an awesome year in 4th grade! Even though we were in E-learning you always made sure we all understood what you taught! Thank you for everything!!! Bria Olbrich

Lindsey Boyette: I have always loved the way you teach band! You are so nice and energetic! I can’t wait for you to teach me again next year in 7th grade! Thanks for being awesome! Bria Olbrich

Erin Kruckenburg: Thank you for making me understand math a lot better than before! I was so sad to leave your class (5th grade)! Thank you for having hands on projects too! Bria Olbrich

Nathan Lanham: Thank you for making social studies AWESOME! You always make us laugh! Thank you for understanding what students feel! Thanks for being a good track coach! Good job! Bria Olbrich,

Shanna Peceniak: Thank you for being an awesome kindergarten teacher! You turned us from good to great! You made fun games to help us learn! Can’t wait for my little brother to have you! Bria Olbrich

Eileen Shaughnessy: Thank you for always being there for me & for ALWAYS GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP ME! You are a ONE OF A KIND, SPECIAL PERSON WITH A HUGE HEART! You LOVE ALL your students for the last 30 years. You have dedicated your life for all special needs kids & adults by always supporting them & their families! You are GREATLY APPRECIATED & LOVED VERY MUCH! Your fellow teachers think very highly of you & all your hard work & also Respect you!! Eileen YOU ARE THE BESTEST TEACHER & FRIEND TO ALL OF YOUR SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS & ADULTS, & THEIR FAMILIES! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO & WE ALL LOVE YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! YOUR STUDENT, BEAU POGOSE

Samantha Savage: Ms. Savage has been nothing but absolutely excellent as my child’s 4th grade teacher. Her desire to help her students be the best they can be has truly shined through all year in such a kind and caring way. Her calming demeanor and ability to organically relate to her students deserves the utmost respect. I am so grateful to have a woman of such integrity have an immense positive impact in my child’s life. She truly is a gem! Grayson Wemken

Erika Jones: Mrs. Jones, thank you for always finding a way to put a smile on your face even when you’ve had a hard day, and thank you for inspiring us students to never give up! We appreciate everything you do for us everyday, and thank you for being someone we can all look up to! Brooklyn Lucia

Amanda Storer: Thank you to Mrs. Storer for being such an amazing teacher in band. She’s been so nice to me throughout the year and she was always there for me whether I was stuck, needed help, or if I needed someone to talk to. Mrs. Storer was always my favorite teacher since the beginning of the year. She is so nice and caring and really funny. Ani MacDonald-Gropp

Rachel Dade: (Coventry Elementary- Crystal Lake) Thank you Mrs. Dade for taking interest in our daughters activities outside of school- coming to watch her basketball game. Helping her out of her comfort zone at times and helping her to excel. You have been a wonderful teacher this year and we are forever thankful! Adalynn Bryant

Amanda Storer: You have put yourself in the crosshairs by supporting the new Rainbow group at CMS. All students deserve to have a place where they fit in and feel like they can be themselves, and we love Ms. Storer for helping provide that! William Sturm

Jason Lebar: Jason is a grade 3-5 PE teacher and middle school track coach. He is truly what it means to be a teacher. He connects with students and wants to make them better. He teaches subject matter, but also teaches students how to be better, kinder people. On the track he kindly instructs his students and students from the opposing school because his job is to teach, no matter what. He puts in extra time and always shows up! Whenever you say, “Mr. Lebar” in our district, there are 100 kids (past & present) around who say, “Oh, I love Mr. Lebar! He is the best!” Aaron Reeves

Amanda Storer: Thank you for supporting Ani with their passion for forming a social group for queer kids and their allies. It means the world to Ani and to our family. Also, you’re a heck of a great band teacher, and Ani’s favorite! Thank you for everything! Annika MacDonald-Gropp

MacKenzie Shutt: Mrs. Shutt, 12 years later your inspiration hasn’t faltered. As a 3rd year aerospace engineering student at the University of Illinois, after learning under the decorated professors here, none of them will ever compare to the impact you have had on your past, current, and future students. It’s still amazing how after all these years your energy and passion for teaching looks identical to when I was in your classroom. No awards or recognitions will ever suffice for the impact you have had on not just me, but the community as a whole. Thank you for changing lives! Esteban Lezama

Brittany Pagano: Thank you Miss Pagano for helping me grow and learn. You are kind and patient, and I think you are one of the best teachers in the world. You make learning fun, and I like coming to school. You go above and beyond what is necessary, and my family will always be thankful for all that you do. Ethan Amelio

Dennis Brown: It has been many years since I have been in the classroom, but I have had the unique vantage point of being on the Huntley District 158 Board of Education for the past 12 years. Dennis Brown has been the journalism teacher for all of those years. The difference he has made in children’s lives is immeasurable. His program has been recognized in Illinois and across the country. HIs legacy will be alive for many years to come. Thank you Mr. Brown. William Geheren

Shanna Peceniak: We are incapable of expressing enough gratitude for Mrs Peceniak. Kindergarteners are embarking on a very special educational journey when they begin school. Mrs Peceniak set a tone for her sweet peas from day one that they have carried with them through the school year---- they are excited to learn, and every person is important. Mrs Peceniak is a poster teacher for empathic, transparent, and purposeful teaching. Our lives have been positively impacted by her in a way that will be everlasting. Thank you for your unconditional support and compassion! Team Peceniak! Be a purple person! Kane Rosenberger

Amanda Storer: Thank you Mrs. Storer for being always pushing me to be better in band. I went from playing the clarinet to being the only bass clarinet player and gaining a lot more confidence in my skills. It’s because of your teaching that I will continue in high school. Cristian Tapia

Kim Adams: Thank you, Miss Kim, for making your students feel loved and included. Eliza has been blessed to be your student for two years and we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for her preschool years. Thank you for all you do! Eliza Brown

Stephanie Flebbe: You’d never know that Miss Stephanie Flebbe is a first year teacher for Johnsburg District 12. Her expertise and natural ease with the teaching profession has made an outstanding first grade experience for her students and their parents. Above all that she does to meet each child’s individual needs, Ms. Flebbe goes above and beyond to emotionally connect and boosts her student’s spirits daily. She is lively and fresh, innovative, smart, fun -loving, relatable, gentle, and kind. Thank you Miss Flebbe for being an incredible role model for our children. You make this world a better place!! JorDynn Saylor Hettermann

Laura Gilleland: Laura…you are simply a wonderful human being. Thank you for teaching the youngest little minds (preschool) with grace and patience. You truly have a gift, and we are so blessed to benefit from it. Thank you! Raegan Ernst

Lisa Larson: Lisa…you orchestrate 23 little 6 year olds in such a graceful, patient way. Your students trust you, and they know how much you love them. You spark their interest and encourage them to explore. It has been amazing watching the kids grow and flourish this year under your care. Thank you! Jill Ernst

Rachelle Johnson: Thank you for helping me with reading. I am glad that you picked me to help others with reading as well. I always look forward to seeing you everyday and telling you about my adventures! You are the best teacher and make school a fun place to be. Jonnelle Jannusch

Katie Anderson: Thank you for giving us confidence to believe in ourselves and your passion for teaching. You always go above and beyond. You are na amazing teacher! Sydney and Shelby Vinson

Janet Sjurseth: Ms. Sjurseth is one of a kind. She made sure my daughter was comfortable and followed her 504-even helping her in another class with another teacher. She have the other teacher ideas and things that she knew would help. I wish we could clone Ms Sjurseth. Any student ever in her class is very lucky and should be grateful. She also makes science fun! Sydney Knefel

Erika Liuzzi: Thank you for being the best inspiration there is. Your devotion and passion for teaching has led me to be where I am today. Your third grade class, back in 2010, was the best class I was ever in. You were, and still are, an engaging, powerful teacher who shows up every day for your kids. I am extremely fortunate I had you as my teacher then, and a mentor now. Kelly Anderson

Ms. Kelly Jones: Ms. Jones is an enthusiastic and detailed teacher! She is such a great addition to the West community. She engages her students with energy and compassion. She knows no bounds on what she willing to do to engage her students. To help kids with reading comprehension and using facts, she dressed up as a judge and held court with the students as the lawyers. My son LOVED it and still asks for “Just the facts” all from one fun day at school.She finds time to individually assess her students to challenge them at where they are at educationally. My son looks forward to going to school every day because he knows Ms. Jones will have something new and challenging for him to work on! She can simultaneously get very outgoing kids to behave appropriately while encouraging shy kids to engage in the classroom. She provides tools for parents to learn along with the kids so that empowers parents to reinforce what she is teaching in the classroom. Her focus on the class as a community to get kids engaged and respectful with every interaction prepares students for future success, in and out of school. I don’t know where she finds the time or energy to be there for her students but we love having Ms. Jones as a teacher! Connor Loeffler

Justine Lamoso: Aubrey had the privilege of having Ms. Lamoso for 3rd and 5th grade. At Three Oaks. She was a positive force in Aubrey’s life, not only did Aubrey succeed in school but her social emotional school life improved drastically under her care. She helped her to stay positive when challenges arise (something Aubrey struggled with) and to believe in herself. Ms. Lamoso is not just a great teacher, she’s a caring mentor and a trusted adult for many kids! I know she has made a difference for so many students not just my daughter. Aubrey has moved on to 6th grade this year and is thriving, we believe Ms. Lamoso had so much to do with her success. Aubrey will forever love her 3rd and 5th grade teacher, Ms. Lamoso. Aubrey Higgins

Janice Gray-Butkus: Thank you for your 27 years of service in Cary26. You worked many nights til 6 at school and then til 10pm at home on iPad. Glad to see you retire, with your head held high. Well done! Your husband. Keith Butkus

Dear Mr. Margiotta: Thank you for teaching me social studies. You make it exciting and it is one of my favorite subjects to learn even more about. My mom is a teacher and I know how hard teachers work so thank you. I like how you also talk about football and I love football. I am always excited to come to your class. thank you for all you do. Stephen Fusco

Shari Clark: Our family would like to thank Mrs. Clark at Edgebrook Elementary School for advocating, loving, encouraging and supporting our son Thomas this year. Mrs. Clark is an amazing educator who ensures all of her students feel loved, supported and successful. She has been the reason why our son is thriving this year in 3rd grade. She challenges him, loves him and goes above and beyond to make sure he is successful each and every day. There will never be enough thank yous, hugs or chocolate to let her know how special she is to our family and what an enormous impact she has made in his life! Thank you Mrs. Clark!!!! Love, Thomas Stamatis & Family

Amanda Hunt, Ringwood Primary School: Mrs. Hunt loves her students as if they were her own. She has two young children of her own yet she gives her full love, energy, and support to each of her students. She is patient in understanding that ALL students need different strategies in learning and social-emotional support. She is the true meaning of a loving teacher who encourages learning and individual growth in each of her students daily! Thank you Mrs. Hunt! Jackston Kuthe

Rosie Wykel: There’s no one quite like a special teacher, and no teacher quite as special as you. Olivia Wheeler

Jodi Busse: Thank you Mrs. Busse for showing me how fun school can be and for teaching me to love writing. I always thought writing was the worst but you showed me how fun it could be and now I love it. You also let me move around and take breaks when I needed them, you laughed at all of my jokes and you always told us how fantastic, smart and amazing we were (and I believed you). YOU are amazing and I miss you, but I will never forget you! Thank you for being a terrific teacher! From, Max Wondriska

Lottie Timberlake: Thank you Lottie for everything you do for our children! James has grown so much in his time with you, and we’re so grateful to have such a trusted partner in his education. James Strong

Brittany Bulow: Thank you for being my teacher Mrs. Bulow. I had a lot of fun. I will miss you a lot when I am in 2nd grade. I hope I see you a lot of times next year! Paige Gallichio

Maggie Walters: GIANT Thank you to Mrs. Walters for all that you do for our class! We are lucky to have you! Maverick Madsen

Jessica Newton: GIANT Thank you to Ms. Newton for all that you do for our class! We have so much fun and we are lucky to have you! Maverick Madsen

Mason Vetter: GIANT Thank you to Mr. Vetter for all that you do for our class in and outside of the classroom! It means a lot when you show your support for me outside of the classroom and attend my some of my games. We are lucky to have you! Maverick Madsen

Mandy Payne: Thank you Mrs. Payne for being my favorite teacher. For a middle school teacher you are pretty cool. Thanks for being kind, making me laugh and guiding me in the right direction. Hopefully I’ll have someone just like you in high school. Parker Zilm

Bonnie Koelling: Mrs. Koelling, thank you for all you taught me! At first, when I found out you were my “replacement” teacher, I was concerned, but I quickly learned that you are incredible. I learned so much from you and I always appreciated your kind words. Thank you Mrs. Koelling, and I miss you so much! Mia Vietmeier

Paul Goodman: Thank you for everything you do, Mr. Goodman! It’s been a rough couple of years for Eva since her diabetes diagnosis and it’s made school rough at times. But she always comes home with a story of how proud you’ve made her feel for her accomplishments and contributions. She absolutely loves being a part of your class! Evangeline Hassinger

Leah Freise: Ms. Freise has been with the U-46 Illinois district for over 10 years now & has made a different in our future generations to come. Ms. Freise has become a mentor to me, sharing her curriculum plans, helping build structure into my lessons, & develop my practice, and inviting me into her professional world. Students admire her because she is kind, loving, fun & caring to them. Ms. Freise is able to see exactly what each child brings to the community, and her teaching approach involves finding and using students unique strengths to help them overcome their struggles & develop a positive self concept. All in all, this teacher deserves to be recognize for the passion & hardship she provides for her students, school, & community! Thank you! Michelle Karas

Grace and Gabby: We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As a grandma raising a toddler. It’s hard sometimes to let her go in the morning but I always am at peace when Lily gets into her classroom. Her teachers will stop what they are doing and come and get Lily. Lily is very happy at her daycare and her teacher’s have the most patience in this world. When I come and get Lily she always has a smile on her face. It gives me great joy knowing Lily had a great day at school. I can’t tell you how many thank-yous . Grace and Gabby if I could afford to have both of you young ladies as Lily’s personal nanny I would. From the bottom of my heart as Lily’s grandma. Thank you, thank you, thank you Charmaine Novak (Lily’s grandma). Lilyanne Vicicondi

Samantha Wolf: You make every single student who walks in your room feel loved, heard, and appreciated for their uniqueness. Liam still talks about wishing he could go back to your class. Thank you for being so amazing! Liam Allard

Lauren Erickson: Thank you for all the amazing things you’ve done to help Liam feel better at school! We appreciate you so much! Liam Allard

Pauline Kohl: Thank you for going above and beyond always for your students. Your love for the children shines in each one of their faces. You make the biggest impact on not only Emersyn but the whole family. Thank you for the love and kindness you teach and give these children everyday! Emersyn Cossiboon

Katie Baker: I would like to thank Mrs. Baker for always pushing me to be my best. She has the biggest heart in the world and meets every students needs. Mrs. Baker is one of a kind, she has been one of my favorite role models through my high school journey. Mrs. Baker is the reason I hope to become an educator one day. She always knows how to put a smile on one’s face when she stands outside of her door, when you see her you are instantly happy and are ready for a good day at school. Adrianna Christofalos

Amanda Kirk: Thank you Mrs. Kirk for teaching me new things. Thank you for helping me grow and learn. I am excited to come to school because of you. Aiden Covarrubias

Gloria Vaughn: I could not have hand picked a better teacher for my daughter’s first year of school. You have left a permanent mark on her heart. You set the bar high for all her future teachers! Kinsley is inspired by you. She looks forward to returning to school each day and is motivated to learn because of you. I am forever grateful! Kinsley McCormick

Luke Lesniak: Thank you for being my coach and teacher and giving me guidance for the future! Margaret Slove

David White: I’ve enjoyed thinking critically about Ancient cultures (both “Cultural Groups” and “Civilizations”), learning how to play Kub, and our current lecture in class for WESTERN CIV II HIS-132-001L and for WESTERN CIV I, too.Thanks for a very interesting class. Nick Diedrich

Sarah Forbes: Thank you for being such a great teacher. I appreciate the hard work and time you spend on us. You are such a nice person also and you have a kind heart. I will never forget my time as your student and how amazing it has been. Sincerely, Vance Hurst

Sarah Hersh: Ms. Hersh thank you for being my teacher and making second grade the best year ever. Thank you for challenging me and making us book club. You are so nice and kind. I can’t wait to have you again next year. Emma Sault

Vera Campos: Maestra Campos you are very funny and make me laugh everyday. Thanks to you I learned a lot of Spanish this year. I am so very excited to have you again next year for third grade. Thank you for making dictado fun! Emma Sault

Theresa Suarez: Mrs. Suarez, our family will be forever thankful to you for the love, support, and genuine caring you’ve shown our son this year. You’re truly a remarkable educator, and the whole world should know it! THANK YOU! Brady Kranig