Streator ambulance service is ready to go

New 911 service begins Saturday morning

Streator ambulance

Beginning at 8 a.m., the city of Streator’s newly-launched ambulance service will begin responding to 911 calls.

Advanced Medical Transport will cease operations at the same time.

Housed at the Streator Fire Department, Streator’s ambulances will respond to all medical emergencies in Streator, the Reading Fire Protection District and Long Point Fire Protection District.

Two ambulances will be staffed 24/7.

Ambulances and EMS equipment is owned by the city and all billing and revenue from the ambulance service will go to the city. The city contracted American Medical Response to provide staff for the two paramedic-level ambulances for $3,399,534 over a three-year contract.

Advanced Medical Transport had provided transport services in Streator and the surrounding areas since 2004. The Streator Fire Department thanked AMT and its employees for its service to the community.

In March, AMT asked the city of Streator to subsidize its services. The City Council decided to explore its options, deciding instead to provide its own service, using the revenue to pay for personnel agreements. AMT lost a number of hospital transfers when OSF agreed to use Stark County Ambulance as its provider of transfers.