Thank You Teacher Letters 2023: Morris Herald-News

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Heather Wills: Mrs. Wills! Thank you for always being there to help me out whenever I need it. I am so thankful that you are my teacher! You have helped me understand math so much better! You always encourage me that I can solve a problem, even when I complain that I give up trying to solve it. You always push me to do my best!! Thank you for everything you have done for me these last 2 years. I don’t know how I’d make it out of high school math if it wasn’t for you! You are the best! Rachel Shoudis

Mrs. Faley and Mrs. Newhalfen: You have been there for me for the past 4 years. They always know how to make me laugh, they always know how to talk to me about things, they always know how to make me stop crying when Im feeling down, they are just THE BEST! Skyler Rose Crane

Karen Linn: Ms Linn does amazing work making really fun and creative plans for the kid’s. She also always finds ways to make every single kid feel special no matter what their needs are. Thank you for all you do. Teddy Wagner

Gayle Conrod: Thank You Mrs. Conrod for being the most amazing teacher! Thanks for always being there to help and guide me. I appreciate all you do. You really care about your students and it does not go unnoticed! Brogan Kjellesvik

Bobbi Bowers: Thank you for everything you do every single day!! The students are so lucky to have someone who cares about them. Keep doing amazing things! Rachel Biesack

Mrs. Betsy Cowherd: Mrs. Cowherd has taught me and my class so much in 4th grade. She has different ways to teach our class and finds ways to make us all understand. Mrs. Cowherd has also taught our class how to write and has really made me a great writer. Mrs. Cowherd is the absolute best teacher and deserves recognition! Reese Watson

Lauren Harris: Mrs. Harris is such a wonderful teacher. She truly cares about each of her students and strives to get the best out of them. She does a great job of communicating to parents and plans amazing lessons for her students. Please consider her for this wonderful award. Thank you! Max Mason

Crissy Prasczewicz: Almost thirty years of helping the visually impaired children of Grundy County! Thank you for helping children get the confidence they need to take their next steps in life! Michael Gonnam

Lauren Moser: Thank you for going above and beyond every single day for your students, parents and coworkers. You are a devoted teacher who deserves this award and so much more! Rachel Biesack

Meghan Dralle: Thank you for always believing in me and other students. Thank you for always pushing me to do better. I’m sure we don’t say it enough but we appreciate all you do! Aubree Olson

Laura Mueller: Mrs. Mueller-Thank you for being such an incredible chapter in your students lives. You are the teacher that they will still talk about when they’re adults looking back on their childhood. Not only are you preparing your students for academic success but also helping make them happy and inclusive humans! Thank you for greeting your students, past and present, with the most amazing hugs that change their day! You are so appreciated! Claire Nicholson

Rachel Biesack: Thank you for everything you do in the classroom. You have gone above and beyond all school year as an aide. Addison Biesack

Morgan Feitknecht: Ms Feitknecht was my teacher last year. She was the most amazing teacher I have ever had. We went back to school for the first “normal” year after being home for almost 3 years. It started off with masks, but a few months into the school year we were gradually able to start transitioning back into a “normal” school day. Ms Feitknecht was able to help us transition back into being normal students so well. She was not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing role model. She’s a beautiful person both inside and out. I am no longer one of her students in the classroom but I know I will always be one of her students. She still treats me like I’m one of hers. I will always look up to her and I know can always count on her no matter what. Please consider Ms. Feitknecht for this award, because if anyone deserves it she surely does!!Thank youIzzy 4th grade. Isabella Savoree

Laura Mueller: Thank you Mrs. Mueller for being an amazing 1st grade teacher. You make learning fun and helping us to love to read. We love you! Presley and Audrey Marik

Nicole Perino: Nicole is one of the greatest assets of district 86. Our son’s life changed because of Mrs. Perino & her dedication to the students in the Pals Program at Keith School. She deserves all the recognition in the world. He is forever grateful to have her as a teacher for k & 1st grade. Danny Palkon

Alison Sagen: We started the school year unsure how it would go. Noah is and he wouldn’t wear shoes and was very attached to me. He is also autistic and needs routine. I figured within the 1st week he would be done with school. She had him wearing his shoes the 1st week! He absolutely loves school and is so excited to walk in the doors with her! She always has a smile on her face and does amazing with him! We love her!! Noah Barner

Mr. Stinnett Gettinger: Thank you for being the teacher who worked with my three siblings and me over the years! You are an inspiration and make learning so very much fun! It was an honor to be in your class and I will never forget you! Emma Bovelle

Diane Spicer: There is no better Kindergarten teacher that teaches with her heart and cares about each student. When my granddaughter lost her great grandfather, Diane provided us with art work Dee Dee had done showing us she loved her great grandfather. Diane didn’t have to contact us and tell us she left this at the school for us to pick up for his awake. She takes the extra mile to love her kids and make them feel loved!!! Thank you Diane for all you do! Dee Dee Valentine

Gianna Savino-Scala: Mrs. Scala helped Jack come out of his shell and make friends. Thanks to her he now has lots of friends and likes school again! Jack Bauer

Mr. Porth: Thank you for all your help in math. Jese Breen

Courtney Nobel: One of the most caring and compassionate teachers that I have ever met. Working as a special education teacher isn’t for everyone, but with the heart you have it shows that you truly love and care for your students. You go above and beyond to make your students feel special and we appreciate you for that!! Antonio Lopez

Mr. Josh Quigley: Thank you Mr. Quigley for being the best kindergartner teacher ever!! You have taught me so much stuff and I will always remember you!! Oakley Parks

Sara Bohac: Thank you for working with special education students even though your job is sometimes very rough. And thank you for being a great teacher at home! Jamisen Sorensen

Dawn Wren: Thank you, Mrs Wren for always being kind and making my daughter feel smart and included. You have fostered a true love of math in her and I’m grateful to see her get some much joy out of learning! Lori Coons

Karen Linn: Thank you to Ms. Linn with helping Teddy feel special and teaching him all the time in great ways. We love her and all her encouragements. She always finds a way to make every kid feel special. Teddy Wagner