Thank You Teacher Letters for Morris Herald-News

Read thank you teacher letters from students to local area teachers

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Teacher: Brenda Edwards-Mrs.Edwards was my Algebra II teacher, however I learned more than just math from her. She taught me how to keep it “real” instead of being “irrational” when the going gets tough. While math is a difficult subject to teach, she does it with such grace. Truly, she is “secant” to none, which is why I must say “tan(Q)”, Mrs.Edwards! I appreciate your “range” of skills and your kindness acted as a “sine” for me to continue learning. I am approaching my “limit” on math puns, but I must say, I “absolutely value” you! Thank you!-Hannah McGhee, Morris

Teacher: Madisyn Francis Bekier- My favorite teacher is my English teacher Mrs. Costello. Mrs. Costello is always there for me when I need her, she helps me when I need extra credit, and she helps me with the homework from the days I miss school. In my English class we have a co-taught teacher, Mrs. Faley. Mrs. Faley helps me when I ask her to print out certain things for me such as homework because its easier for me. These 2 teachers are great teachers and they are awesome with helping students when needed. These teachers understand that if I bring in a snack it’s because I have skipped breakfast that morning. They are also very helpful to me because I have an IEP, and they understand that I get 2 extra days to finish my assignments. These teachers are good teachers and very caring as a person. I hope to have Mrs. Costello next year as my psychology teacher because she treats me, as a student very well and she’s very understanding. I thank Mrs. Costello and Mrs. Faley for being the best teachers they can be. -Madisyn Bekier, Morris

Teacher: Heather Wills-Thank you for being the best math teacher and always being there to help me out. You make math so easy and you always believe in me and push me to do my best!!-Rachel Shoudis, Morris

Teacher: Andrea Gustafson-Thank you so much for being patient with students in speech, theater, and in class.-Bradley Raffel, Morris

Teacher: Cindy Gerber-You were always so encouraging, yet understanding of your students. You made learning so easy and fun, while still challenging and pushing us to think creatively. You prepared us for college and the real world, and helped us know we’d be just fine even though everything we knew was changing. I just submitted my first manuscript for a children’s book to a large publishing company, and I still credit you for giving me the tools and mindset to be able to do so. Thank you for being you, I hope you’re doing well!- Brandi Novak, Coal City

Teacher: Hope Connelly-Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me!- Alexis Higgins Weatherhead, Coal City

Teacher: Jennifer Shell-Thank you for inspiring me to do what I love!- Jayden Jones, Morris

Teacher: Kyle Adelmann-I really appreciate your method of teaching. You treat us not as fools who need to be taught every basic little thing, but as people, unlike some other teachers. You make us feel important, smart, and wanted in your classes. It’s very nice to have a teacher who puts in as much work as I do, and I thank you.-Joe Davis, Minooka

Teacher: Laurie Hatteberg-A wonderful kindergarten teacher at Saratoga School. She pours so much heart and energy in to her students, making them feel cared for and excited about their first “real” classroom experience in kindergarten. Even during the pandemic, she helped set a positive tone for a lifetime of learning. Our family appreciates Mrs. Hatteberg and we want to recognize her, thank you!- Wyatt Wilkinson, Morris

Teacher: Heather Muzzarelli-She was my sons second grade teacher now is his 7th grade math teacher. She spends so much time making sure the kids know what they are doing and taking the time to show them extra steps and being extra supportive. She really cares for her students.- Paige Bodine, Gardner

Teacher: Haley Woods - She is the music and art teacher at our school and so wonderful with the little kids. She makes learning fun. We are fortunate to have a music and art program at our school. It is Paige’s favorite class!- Paige Bodine, Gardner

Teacher: Monica Schultz- She is my sister, and I have seen firsthand how much she cares for everyone of her students. These past couple years have really challenged the teachers and Mrs. Schultz has continued to shine. She is so happy to back in class with her students, then the mask mandate was lifted. She told me a story that she literally started crying on that first day, seeing the students smiles. She purchases books every year for them, and loves hearing how they are doing even after they been promoted from her grade.- Paula Mercer, Channahon

Teacher: Heidi Scalf- Thank you for making me so smart! Thank you for everything that you have done for the class and for me. Thank you for coming to see us in our activities outside of school. You are the best!-Aubree Olson, Morris