Lewis University: A College of Distinction

Lewis University - Empowering Future Leaders: The Impact of Lewis University's Distinctive Education

Lewis University has recently been named a College of Distinction for the 2023-2024 academic year. This prestigious recognition highlights the university’s unwavering commitment to providing a high-quality education and fostering student success.

The College of Distinction designation is bestowed upon institutions that demonstrate excellence across four key areas: engaged students, excellent teaching, vibrant communities, and successful outcomes. Lewis University has excelled in these areas, making it stand out among other higher education institutions.

Lewis University’s focus on engaging students is evident through its numerous programs and initiatives to enhance the learning experience. The university offers various undergraduate and graduate programs, including business, science, humanities, and aviation, providing students with diverse educational opportunities. The emphasis on experiential learning and internships allows students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, preparing them for successful careers.

The dedication of Lewis University’s faculty members to excellent teaching is also a defining factor in its recognition as a College of Distinction. Faculty members go above and beyond to ensure students receive a well-rounded education, combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Their commitment to mentoring and guiding students sets Lewis University apart and contributes to the overall academic excellence.

The vibrant community at Lewis University fosters a supportive and inclusive environment for students to thrive. The campus provides a close-knit community where students can develop lifelong friendships and engage in extracurricular activities. The university encourages students to join clubs, organizations, and community service, promoting personal growth and leadership skills.

At Lewis University, successful outcomes are more than just academic achievements. The university takes pride in its high graduation rates and alumni’s success stories. Graduates from Lewis University have gone on to excel in their chosen fields, positively impacting society.

Visit Lewis University today and experience the excellence that sets it apart from other higher education institutions. For more information, please contact:

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