Letter: My voice, my choice


November 8 vote Democrat Heidi Henry for the Illinois House in the 75th District. Heidi is a kind, compassionate person that has spent her life in service to others, helping veterans, the hungry, the homeless and anyone that needs a hand up to get on their feet.

A long time resident of our community, Heidi is always the one to be there when someone needs her. She is an advocate for the rights of women and an outspoken supporter of human dignity. She has worked deeply in the LGBTQ+ community asserting that everyone has a right to life a life of quality and meaning in peace.

Heidi is a public school supporter believing that every child should have access to a quality public school education and that our education tax dollars should support only public schools. Heidi believes in building our community by bringing people together through our common goals and working together toward our future.

When you cast your vote; by mail, early or on election day, remember in your corner there is always Democrat Heidi Henry, so give her your vote. She is your public servant.

Kathy Maddox