Letter: Unification


Our country is too much divided. I’ve prayed before writing this.

Keep it simple, one issue at a time. We must unite. Potential for conflict with Russia and/or China looms.

Overdose deaths of the young in our population I’ve read at 41,587 in 2021 Compare that to the Vietnam war, of 58,220 dead in about 10 years.

This matter cuts across, racial, ethnic, economic and political lines of our society. Illegal Fentanyl sellers blend and color it to make look appealing to children. This is a threat children of both parties. Unify.

Much comes across the southern border to San Diego and Imperial counties accounting for approximately 60 percent of the illegal Fentanyl in the US.

The numbers should enrage you. Our children are at risk. Is this dereliction of duty or treason by US leaders? It certainly occurs. The first duty of a federal government is to protect its citizens.

The solution in large part is to regulate immigration.

Leaders might face charges for not protecting the population. We must unify, screaming from the tallest towers, to save children in our country? It’s that simple and imperative. - Dan Shearin, Morris