Letter to Editor: Politicians using citizens as cannon fodder

Typewritter, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

I didn’t catch the name of the doctor who was saying the virus suppression had become political to the detriment of all of us. He explained that the more unvaccinated people that get it, the more likely it will mutate into a strain that will overcome the current vaccine. The delta is more easily transmitted and attacks younger people than alpha, which hit in 2019. Lamda‚ which originated in unvaccinated Brazil, is more dangerous and may be able to crack the current vaccine, causing boosters to be needed.

Why are the far-right people telling people lies and spreading distrust of the Biden administration’s effort to save lives? The idea is to try to damage Biden’s effort for getting people vaccinated. If they can keep the hospitals and funeral homes full, they think it will damage Biden’s popularity. Those people don’t care about the stupid and ignorant suckers who follow their advice.

Recently, Sen. Rand Paul actually told his people to not get a shot or wear a mask to show their personal liberty. When those people die so he can raise his popularity, it is called cannon fodder. Go forward to die so the general can win the battle. Those people will die so he can make his run for president.

Chuck Johnson