City of Morris unveils new logo

MORRIS – The City of Morris unveiled its new logo during a Finance and Administration committee meeting held on Tuesday.

The new image comes after a previously introduced logo faced public backlash following a presentation by Carl Wohlt of the Wohlt Group in Naperville.

Ray Grossi from Morris, worked with Wohlt, the Grundy County Chamber, Morris Downtown Development and several other organizations in the community to redesign the logo to better represent Morris.

“A part of the conversation was being progressive and fun,” Grossi said. “Something Wohlt had talked a lot about was owning the M of Morris and that led us to where we are. We used this beautiful brick red that reminds me of the brick buildings downtown.”

Mayor Chris Brown said the new logo will be utilized over time and thanked everyone for their hard work.

In other Committee news:

Simple Communications gave a presentation highlighting concerns regarding the city’s and police department’s phone and internet systems.

Matt Wilkinson, of Simple Communications, said he was particularly concerned about the Water Treatment Plant highlighting the concerns that come from using Windows 7.

“Windows 7 machines are vulnerable to escalated privilege attacks, meaning if someone gets access to one of these Windows 7 machines they can elevate the privileges to an administrator right. Once they have given themselves that right, they can go across the network basically installing malware across all of the machines and they have the privileges to do that. So even if malware protection or antivirus protection are installed on the system, the system will not protect against the threat because the administrator said it was okay to install,” Wilkinson said.

Eric Peterson, the owner of Simple Communications handed out and discussed a detailed IT budget analysis for both the city and the police department. The recommended IT budget for the city in 2022 is $135,400, while the budget recommendation for the police department for the same year is $109,000. The police department’s cost for IT in the 2023 fiscal year would be $83,000.

The Finance and Administration Committee will reconvene to further discuss the technology budget and any other business brought before the Committee on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 2:30 p.m.