Just a thought ... Does the world love a clown?

Keyboard - letter to the editor

To the Editor:

Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns, especially circus clowns. Some children and adults dislike clowns and think of them as creepy and scary for various reasons. Many people welcome the fun-loving pranksters along with their jokes and follies in order to get a laugh or smile. The clown’s face can be boldly painted with huge eyes and a protruding nose shadowing over their extra-large painted mouths that give a meaningful expression to their audience.

Clowns spread goodwill and have visited many children in hospitals to quell their anxiety and sadness. The clown often gives a balloon and plenty of cheerfulness through the buffoonery that they know so well will bring about a hearty laugh and can chase away the blues. Clowns bring cheer and entertainment at birthday parties or eventful get-togethers.

Clown schools do exist. Some theater colleges have majors that have clowns in mind.

Sometimes acting like a clown without wearing a clown suit or having a painted face could be fun, good for one’s spirit and spread some joy, couldn’t it? There is such a thing as “a class clown,” isn’t there? Who didn’t laugh at a class clown?

Many thanks to clowns!

Linda Alexandra