Hawthorn Mall welcomes FIT:MATCH

Platform allows shoppers to find clothing that fits them based on 3D imaging

VERNON HILLS – Hawthorn Mall, a regional shopping center in Vernon Hills, recently announced the addition of FIT:MATCH, a contactless apparel shopping platform that uses 3D AI-powered technology to present shoppers with recommendations of clothes that will fit them based on accurate body data and preferences.

The FIT:MATCH pop-up studio, where shoppers can get “fitched,” or 3D measured, in minutes, is open on Level 1 near Center Park.

“We’re excited to bring this revolutionary new service to the shoppers at Hawthorn Mall,” said Sarah Phelps, specialty leasing manager for the shopping center. “By placing fit first, we’re empowering our customers to shop in a new way that is extremely personalized and convenient, sorting only through the options they know will look and feel great on them.”

“With FIT:MATCH, we have revolutionized one of the most time-consuming and burdensome parts of shopping – finding the right fit,” said Romel Wallen, head of partnerships at FIT:MATCH. “When shoppers know their exact measurements, shopping becomes an enjoyable adventure again, where all a person needs to think about is their own personal sense of style. Our platform does all the work, freeing shoppers from having to try on clothes and presenting them with an edited assortment to choose from what is perfectly fitched for them.”

At the FIT:MATCH pop-up studio, shoppers get fitched and then start shopping from a personalized range of clothing from more than 50 leading brands. The company’s 3D AI-powered recommendation engine eliminates the guesswork in shopping by delivering an assortment of perfect matches from which to choose.

For shoppers, getting fitched is free, contactless and easy. They simply register with FIT:MATCH online, create a profile, then come in person to the FIT:MATCH studio. For the best measurement results, customers are encouraged to wear tightly fitted clothing such as leggings and to have their hair raised above the shoulder line. After the FIT:MATCH camera captures their 3D measurements, which takes just two minutes, the FIT:MATCH online system matches shoppers with only clothes in each category that will provide the best fit.

Shoppers also are given a 3D avatar that can be used to shop seamlessly online through any retailer or brand that has partnered with FIT:MATCH.