Thank You Teachers Letters 2023: Kendall County

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Karen Lanehart: Mrs. Lanehart has such a big heart. Her classroom is filled with love, patience, and kindness. I love that my kids are surrounded by this in their school day! Paige Martinez

Emily Villarreal: You have helped so many students succeed in the ell program. you are a caring teacher. So many students in the Spanish speaking community have learned english because of you. I would like to thank you for helping me succeed and achieve my goals. without you I wouldn’t be where I am. Thank you for being such an inspiration for all, and to being such an amazing teacher. Angelina Castillo

Mary Coker: Thank you for always believing in me and making my struggles known and helping me through them. Out of the both years i’ve had you as my teacher has made my English experience better and i’ve learned to understand more just from your help alone. When the class struggles you know how to be there and fix our problems. I just wanna thank you for being amazing and doing things other teachers couldn’t. Alyssa Dubinski

Michelle Long: Thank you for teaching me how to write correctly, and thank you for making 7th grade easier. Abraham Hernandez-Trinidad

Nealion Smith: Mr. Smith, or as I call him Smithers is a great teacher! It feels more like he’s a friend than a teacher. He’s a good listener and gives great life advice. It’s hard being a student sometimes but Smithers makes school worth it. On top of that he’s an awesome art teacher and had helped make all his students better artists. It’s going to be sad when he’s no longer my teacher. Mars Jennings

Amy Martin: Thank you for always being there for me and being an amazing person overall! You are an amazing teacher that puts in so much effort! You treat your students like your own children. Thank you! Armando Martinez

Mrs Michelle Long: Mrs Long is so sweet nice and kind hearted, She helps me with things I am struggling with and she makes me understand. Mrs Long has always been my favorite teacher and she always will be my favorite teacher. Abigail Mendez

Michael Long: Thank you for being my English teacher. Adrian Moreno

Mollie Minard: Thank you for going above and beyond on a daily basis to make sure my classmates and I are safe and happy in school! I wouldn’t have come this far without your support! No matter the time of day you are available to me and my family! Thank you for advocating for your students to be seen as equal in the school! Lastly thank you for sharing your emotional support dog with my friends and I! I look forwarded to cuddling him weekly. Angelina Martinek

Michelle Long: Dear Mrs. LongYou are always there to help me learn more. I can think of many times that I didn’t understand something and you were there in an instant. You were the person who always made learning fun. Andrew Pehlke

Joy Dubose: Thank you for making your class something i look forward too. Make me comfortable and laugh and I can easily understand what you teach. Alexa Pulido

Raquel Elleson: Thank you for being such a great teacher! Sarah gets up every morning looking forward to go to school and excited for what she will learn throughout day. Being the new student in the middle of the year caused her anxiety not knowing anyone. She came home after her first day at school super content because she loved her teacher and she felt confident she was going to do great on days to come. Sarah Garcia

Tristan Spivey: Thank you Mr. Spivey for being the coolest person I’ve ever known. Every morning in advisory would always be the best thing and having you as my history teacher as well. I appreciate of all the help you’ve given me in the past. Thank you! Adrian Sosa

Emily Villarreal: Querida Mommy V, thank you for everything. You’re the most amazing and beautiful person in the world, I really appreciate all you’ve done to help me. I’ll always remember how much fun I’ve had with you.Love you always. Amy Tapia

Alexis Scott: Our daughter is on her third year in pre-k and Mrs. Scott has made everyday fun and exciting for her! She comes home talking about the things she is learning or the experiences she has had in school. From covering the classroom with box tunnels to turning the kitchen area into a vet office she has loved school! She has continued to grow and learn and it’s thanks to Mrs. Scott for keeping her engaged and continuing her love of learning! Hailey Klein

Melissa Palmer: Thank you for being there for me, you have made a huge impact on me! Aubrey Bryant

Kathleen Kuntzman: Thank you for making math a fun class to learn. I look forward to your class every school day. Alexa Undesser

Zach Oleksiak: Thank you for being funny and a good teacher overall, you are very kind to everyone and very cool, thank you. Andres Vega

Mrs. Shirley: Thank you for everything you have done for Julian he appreciate it. Julian Gonzalez

Zachary Oleksiak: Thank you for being an amazing and fun advisory teacher. you have made this school year amazing. Brianna Johnson

Samantha Peruski: Thank you Mrs. Peruski for being an awesome Spanish and advisory teacher. You’ve been my favorite teacher since the beginning of the school year. Charlotte Aguila

Mrs. Paprocki-Gonzales: Thank you so much for what you do every day for our kids you are an amazing teacher. Zoe Martinez

Beth Pulfer: Thank you for being a great teacher. Braylan Sexton

Neil Ahres and James Ford: Mr Ahres and Mr Ford for me they are one of the best teachers in the school even if i don’t talk to them much , but they are very good people and i would like to say thank you both for everything. Robert Quintero

Gregory Wedesky: Thank you for being an amazing teacher back when I was in 6th grade, I’m a junior now but you are by far my favorite teacher ever since! Karisma Castaneda

Mary King: Mrs. King was of the nicest teachers i have been with. she would always help me and she will always make bad things fun. also she was always so nice to everyone she talked to even my mom and dad. so thank you for everything. Cooper Beaty

Kathleen Kuntzman: Thank you for being one of the best math teachers i have ever had, and making fun grids even though it might take longer to make! Claire Johnson

James P Ford: Class is always fun! Casey Kammerer

ZACHARY OLEKSIAK: ZACHARY OLEKSIAK is the best history teacher ever! Cristian Martinez

Zachary Oleksiak: You are a cool person and you help us if we need it and if we are upset. Cynthia Morales

Joy Dubose: I like Ms. Dubose because she’s a very cool and kind teacher. The way she teaches makes me understand math so much better. When you need help she’s there. Charlyn Rlvera

Zach Olesiak: Thank you for hosting D&D and Gaming Club meets, and thank you for holding the extra history seminar. Caitlyn Webb

Kerry (Carolyn) Rothman: Ms. Rothman makes school so fun! My son had a great time in her class & continues to stop by her classroom even though he’s in an older now class now because she makes students feel so special. Paige Martinez

Ashley Feldmeir: Helped me realize how much love I have for math. Trevor Halstead

Heidi Heiman: Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!! Jonathan Wysoglad

Kevin McCammon: For all the hard work he put into our kids for concerts & teaching them the art of music. Janessa Esquivel

Tommy Brown: I would like to say thank you to Coach Brown because he always pushed me to become the best student athlete that I could, and never stopped motivating me. Devin Frazier

Ms. Megan Tracy: I just want to say thank you to Ms. Megan Tracy for always making me feel involved in everything. I didn’t ever think that I was ever going to have a teacher role model like her, one where we can joke around on the daily and where I can tell her everything. 8th grade was a really hard year for me and she definitely got me through it. So SHOUT TO TREY TREY!!! Love you and miss you and can’t wait to see you with my diploma in my hand!!! Daniela Hernandez

Zachary Oleksiak: Thank you Mr. O for being the best History Teacher, you always get to find fun ways to teach history. In DnD you make funny characters and are a great character. The way you teach history is great for all of us. It really helps me when I want to learn about a certain subject in history. Thanks Mr. O! Daniel Luman

Sydney Hackley: Thank you for being the best science teacher and best math teacher you have inspired me to work hard in class and thats why i picked you. Darus Phillips

Sydney Hackley: Thank you for helping me in Science and being a good teacher. Easton Byrd

Kathleen Kuntzman: I’m nominating Mrs. Kuntzman because she’s just a great teacher and she is super smart kind, goofy. She’s a good person and it deserves to be shown. Emma Dlugopolski

Justine Houchins: Thank you so much for helping me with history and when I needed advice in life. You’ve done so much for me and you’re an amazing teacher! Emma Fredrick

Emily Holmstrom: She was a very funny, nice, kind, and overall sweet person. She helped me a lot in math and took her time with me. Elleana Garcia

Tommy Brown: Thank you Mr. Brown for always listening to me and helping me throughout the year. Ella McKenna

Ms Mary Coker: Thank you for taking time to come up with unique ways to help me and my classmates. Thank you for being patient and understanding about how we feel everyday. Edwinn Santos

Melissa Anderson: Thank you! I shout out loud for the patience and kindness you show are kids. My daughter always feels acknowledged and listen to when ever she brings up any concern of a story she would like to share. She has grown and learned so much this year with you I feel with the help of us as parents and you her teacher she had become such a confident strong smart girl. I believe you have had a big part in this journey so we would love to nominate you an amazing teacher and friend to my daughter and am sure to many more girls and boys. Thank you. Arianna Moreno

Tania Alcalá: Es muy buena maestra y paciente con los niños ha ayudado mucho a mi hija. Dana Espinosa

Danielle Litko: Thank you for being a teacher I can always go to whenever I need someone to talk to, she is a teacher I look up to. Gema Del RIvero

Robin Shirley: Thank you for helping my daughter grow and develop more than I could have hoped. For making her feel safe and comfortable in your classroom. Peyton Stone

Mr. Smith: Thank you for being a great teacher and always being able to put a smile on my face. Abbey Hart

Nate Hill: Mr. Hill has gone above and beyond for me all 4 years for me.If it wasn’t for his fight and believing in me, I would be not in school and trying to still graduate. Devin Pokosa

Mary Rose Coker: Thank you so much! You have helped me so much these past few years. I am so thankful that I have you as my english teacher. You have guided me so much and helped me understand. Haley Bellavia

Michele Long: Thank you Mrs.long for helping me with school and pushing me to be my best. Humberto Guardado

Ben Sperry: I thank Ben Sperry for being someone to look up to by not just me but everyone, He’s always helping with anything and everything. He’s also an amazing coach for the soccer team. Always hyping up the team and making us feel welcome. We thank you Mr. Sperry. Hailey Shatters

Mrs. Les: Thank you Mrs. Les for being patient and kind. You teach students how to learn, have good manners and all of the tools needed to succeed in the future after Plano Pre K.Sincerely Ella Stolp and Family. Ella Stolp

Mary Rose Coker: Just wanted to thank my English teacher, Mrs. Coker, for being an easy person to talk to and for letting me be myself in her classroom. Jakob Klatt

Michelle Long: Dear Mrs. Long, every time I enter your room I always feel like its a safe place and its okay to be myself. You always have a positive impact on my day no matter if i’m having a bad one not. You take the time to explain things in lots of different ways when I don’t get something. I just want to thank you for being the amazing person you are. Jailyn Brown

Mary Rose Coker: Thank you Mrs.Coker for pushing your students to the best they can be. Thank you for helping your students through everything they need even if its outside of school problems. Thank you for doing everything you can to make sure your students can succeed in school and life. Jake Dixon

Danielle Litko: Thanks you for being a great and understanding teacher pushing us to work hard and to get our things done on time when we are in your classroom its not a out of control spiral but a orderly place and you make it a fun place to be thank you very much for that. Jeremiah Ejiko

Sydney Hackley: I am thanking you for letting us listen to music in class. Juju Jones

Kathleen Kuntzman: Thank you Mrs. Kuntzman for everything you teach me and I learn very well from you, and your like my best friend and I tell you everything so thank you for being my best friend. Jessel Leon

Trisha Brockman: To Ms. Brockman thank you for making a new kid feel welcomed and thank you for always pushing me to do better for being home in a foreign place so thank you. Julissa Lopez

Michelle Long: Dear Mrs. Long, thank you for being a great teacher. Always being patient and helping my and my classmates with things we didn’t understand. You make english class fun and your an amazing teacher. Thank you!Sincerely, Jerome Versosa

Kathleen Kuntzman: Thank you for everything that you do for me. Thanks for alway being there for me and listening to everything i tell you in win!! Jovi V Jovi Vlllarreal

Katie Grasch: Thank you for teaching me during the school year. Karen Belmonte

Mary Rose Coker: I’d like to thank my 10th grade english teacher, Mrs.Coker for her dedication and effort she puts into teaching. She strives to ensure all of her students are able to understand her lesson, and is not afraid to reassess and reteach lessons. Mrs. Coker is passionate about the subject she teaches and so she is able to teach it with ease. Kenli Dembry

Liese Lebel: Appreciate the positivity in the class and support. You deserve to win. Kenyon Ferguson

BJ Cryer: (2nd Grade Woodbury Sandwich) Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! You are so patient and kind. You are always willing to go the extra mile to see your students find success! Keep being awesome! Kara Salmieri-Parks

Sydney Hackley: Thank you so much Ms. Hackley for making me understand science and math. Kelly Ponce

Pam Schweitzer: Wonderful teacher my son loves her. Matthew Acevedo

Laura Smith: Dear Mrs. Smith,Thank you is not enough to tell you for everything you have done for me. You have been a huge inspiration to me. You always looked out for me in and outside of the classroom. From helping me with assignments to helping my parents figure out I needed glasses you have been a huge influence to me and I thank you for the impact you have made on my life. Kalia Young

Michelle Long: Thank you for being supportive and making learning enjoyable. Levi Espinal

Jorge Trejo: I pick Jorge Trejo who teaches 6th Grade at Simmons Middle School in Aurora Illinois because he is a respectful, nice, and hard working teacher who wants every student of his to succeed and do well. Evan Trejo

Claire Landsteiner: Thank you for all that you do for your students! You’ve helped inspire students year after year with your love teaching. Aria is very thankful for a teacher like you! Aria Murillo

Sydney Hackley: Thank you for making class funny and not boring I never would’ve thought that I would look forward to going to Math and Science. Landon Martin

Mrs. Kelly Moese: Mrs. Moese is my 2nd grade teacher. I like being in her class. She is nice and helpful. Thanks for being my teacher! Liam Avalos

Jessica Fisher: I need to point out I am not a student. I am a friend of a teacher. I workout with Jessi everyday. The love she expresses about her students absolutely warms my heart. I have never heard her say a negative word about being a teacher. She shows Gods love to each of her students and when someone is having a rough day she knows how to turn that child’s day around without making it known throughout the class. Her love and patience amaze me. Jessi is always thinking of fun ways to teach the children. Anyone who has had Mrs. Fisher as a teacher is Blessed. Christina Allgood

Michelle Long: Thank you for always being such a good teacher to me this whole year. And being able to teach hundreds of kids. Marlon Arellano

Jennifer Zimmerman: She is patient with all of the students, helps answer questions I have ( my daughter) and includes the class in my question… Mia Parris

Mrs Danielle Litko: Dear Mrs Litko, thank you for being an amazing person that everyone can go to and trust. You have truly changed my life and high school experience. Aleska Martinez

Mary Rose Coker: Thank you for putting in time and effort not just in school but out of school! Thank you for always being super helpful and building a strong relationship with your students. Madisyn Bertellotti

Justine Houchins: Thank you for making this a good school year and always pushing me to my best. Matthew Bruell

Michelle Long: Thank you for being the best teacher It was fun and it was fun to watch movies and hang out with you. You are a nice teacher and people love to be with you your my favorite teachers. Malik Carrreon

Stephanie Schuler: Thank you for teaching me this year. Preschool has been fun because you always are a great listener and teach me all cool things. Adventure and learning are my favorite things because you show me all different things. Aidan Strom

Mrs. Danielle Litko: Mrs. Litko was always helping me in different type of ways and is someone i can count on. She was always there when i needed advice and was always willing to help me. And she is nothing but a pure and genuine person. Mirella Lozano

Michelle Long: Thanks for being a nice teacher and person in general. I really enjoyed being your class and I hope you keep being nice. Mario Martinez

Michael McGreevey: Thank you, I know my son can be a handful. But I can see the vast improvements at home from what he learns at school with you! Owen McGreevey

Tristan Spivey: Thank you Mr. Spivey for being the teacher I could talk to like a close friend, teaching me basketball and just being an all around good teacher. I appreciate all the kindness you spread not just to me but to others around me. Mario Melendez

Mary Coker: Thank you Mrs. Coker for teaching to all of are needs and always being there to help us when we need it. Thank you for always having a good mood even on your bad days to make school better for us. Nevin Butcher

Scott Smith: Mr. Smith is a great teacher who is always willing to help any student learn or become a better person. Not only is he a great teacher, he is a great person who is always willing to help someone out. He is constantly a positive role model and always teaching something new. He always comes to school with a positive attitude and will help you no matter what. Nolan Winkler

Kathleen Kuntzman: Thank you for being a great math teacher and always being helpful. The whole year you have made fun activities and rewards for the whole class. Omar Rea

Miriam Vivanco: Thank you for always being so supportive and paying attention to each child’s individual need. For making a positive impact on my daughter. You go an extra step to make sure you gain their attention and guide them right where they are at. Thank you for not overlooking their needs and slowing down to give each child the support needed. Ava Moreno

David Lay: Mr.Lay is a very understanding teacher and his method of teaching lets even the slowest of students understand the current subject. I am very thankful for his services to the Plano district. Preston Enoh

John Chernick: Mr. Chernick has made learning really easy and stress free by being understanding and building mutual respect. Peyton Mast

Ms Houchins: She is the best! Rylan Aguirre

Mrs Long: Hello Mrs. Long, thank you for being a good teacher to me. You encouraged me and motivated me to keep working. Aaron Tucker

Joseph Kampf: Thank you Mr. Kampf for teaching me how to build and fix things. You have taught me a lot of skills that I will use for the rest of my life. The lessons you taught me I will never forget. You are an amazing teacher and thank you for everything you have done. Ryley Bielik

Mrs. Mary Rose Coker: Thank you for actually taking your time to teach your students. Raul Gallardo

Theresa Byelick: She has the best teaching methods and she’s really nice. Ryder Knapp

Abigail Young: Thank you for only taking your dogs out on walks, and not all day. Rose McGarry

Abigail Young: Mrs.Young thank you for being an amazing teacher and being there for all of us. You make school way funnier and you are a really great teacher. Sophia Aristizabal

Ashley Gillette: I wanna say thank you to Ms. Gillette for always being there for me and always helping me when i need it the most in class. Mrs. Gillette has the sweetest smile and shes just the sweetest teacher i’ve ever had. she helps the ost when you need it and i appreciate her very much for everything she has done fr me this school year. Serenity Burse

Justine Houchins: Ms. H., thank you for everything you have done to support me in my freshman year! Your class was always a fun place to be, and you have helped me grow tremendously. Human Geography was by far my favorite because of all the fun lessons and projects we did. Thank you again and again for making my year the best it could be. Sydney Green

Alexis Scott: PH Miller Elementary: We are grateful for all the care you take when helping Reid learn and grow. He has improved socially, emotionally, mentally and academically. Reid Janito,

Robin Shirley: Mrs Shirley has been very patient with Elijah. She also makes sure to communicate with me daily about how his days are. I believe she is more than qualified for this award. Elijah Sears

Sarah VanDenend: Thank you, Mrs V, for how much you love us! You are patient, and LOTS of FUN! You’re the best teacher ever! Jimmy Malone

Mr. Kevin McCamnon: He is an exceptional teacher that goes above and beyond for his students in the world of music!!!!! He is excellent teaching my daughter now as he was with my older son. Cheyanne Burnham

Emily Holmstrom: Thank you for always encouraging the kids to do better and having confidence in them! So grateful for all the communication you send on the kids work and progress! Isaiah Mendoza

Sydney Hackley: I’d like to thank my teacher for being really nice to us and being good to us. Shawn Vazquez

Christine Bolin: Thank you for being one of the best teachers in Plano High School. Thanks for being there for all students when they need to ask you something and when they need help. You always try and help whoever they are and whatever they need help with. You are one of the sweetest people in Plano and always put a smile on my face and others. You are known around the school, and even people who have graduated still remember how sweet and helpful you are with everything and everyone. Never forget to keep smiling, making others smile, and helping out every student in the school. Samantha Villasenor

James P. Ford: Thank you Mr. Ford for being one of the best teachers and making class enjoyable.You really helped me out early on during the beginning of football season teaching me how to improve and having the older team members help out. Troy Brown

Thomas Dean: I’d like to thank Mr.Dean for not just being an amazing World History teacher that allowed me to score a four on the AP Exam, but also a amazing soccer coach for the past three years. Tristin Cervantes

Leann Teckenbrock: Ms. Leann goes over and beyond with the Special needs students. My daughter absolutely loves having her. This is someone who hated going to school.Now she doesn’t fight me at all. Leann and Ms. Pam are very special people. Autumn Pistorius

Diana Gonzalez: Thank you for the love and attention you dedicate to not only your class but to Lailanie. Thank u for vibing with her attitude and being a great supporter and showing up to all of her extracurricular events this year! It means soo much to her and us!With love the Torres family. Lailanie Torres

Melissa Ramirez: Thank you for having a huge impact in my life, you may not have known. But you did, from freshman year until now, you have been one of the best teachers I have had. Also you have always kept me in check, and I respect you for that. So one last time, thank you. Timothy Young

Sam Peruski: Thank you for being cool with people having fun and sitting with their friends and being a good Spanish teacher. Vicente Llamas

Lindsey Schwartz: Thank you for helping me pass my classes and help me pass freshman year. You are a good teacher and classes (win) are fun with you. Xavier Prchal

Michelle Long: Thank you Mrs.Long for being such a great teacher and thank you for always being helpful in class. Zane Mcdermott

Liese Lebel: I picked Lebel cause they are fun. Her class isn’t to hard and if i don’t understand something she helps in a good way and she tries really hard. and they are fun they are not boring and they try to make their class not boring which is a sign of a good teacher. the only thing i can think of that would make her better is if she was here more often but that’s not in her control. overall she is just a good teacher. Zachary Hulbert

Erin Holtz: Thank you so much for teaching me about the vast world of poetry.If it weren’t for you and your constant support, I probably would’ve never discovered my passion for it. You always took the time for positive encouragement in Spoken Word and even after Spoken Word, still take the time out of your day to inform me of new opportunities. I greatly appreciated that and still do. You have always made sure I feel validated and capable and always make sure I understand my own potential.Thank you again for being such a wonderful person to learn poetry from! Inaaya Siddiqui

Erin Holtz: Thank you Mrs. Holtz for always trying to help and giving me advice for school work and helping me not over-think writing poems and to just go with the flow. Also thank you for the advice when having to write our essays because I try working on what I need to when you give me tips so thank you :). Nathan Ortiz

Carla Khale: Thank you, Ms. Khale, for helping me get through easily the toughest year of school Ive ever had. Thank you for letting me and Luca hang out at your room every single day, giving us a place where we can escape to from social anxiety. Lillian Reingold

Megan C Mercado: I chose this teacher because she always works hard to make sure us students, can cook, and enjoy the meals we have made. Shes always so nice and always has a smile. Shes a very respectful teacher also. Aaron Chavez

John Chernick: Anything he can do for us he does. Teaches, coaches, and always there to support us. He gives us his time. Chernick we are grateful for you always being here. Thank you for everything. Arely Diaz

Mitchell Long: Thank you for being my favorite teacher. Ashlyn Furr

Silvia Azcona: Thank you so much for being a hardworking teacher who can empathize with her students. I love being in your advisory, too bad I only have that class with you though! Aida Guerrero

Amy Freeman: Thank you so much for everything, 7th grade for me was rough but being able to talk to you made it a little better. Thank you for your efforts and everything you did! Aida Guerrero

Amy Winter: This year went by so fast, I want to thank you for everything you have done for your students, I believe you are a great teacher who can have fun classes but also get some work in as well. I appreciate you very much! Aida Guerrero

Amy Winter: Thank you Mrs. Winter for always being a helping hand when need and letting us work at our own pace and being very forgiving. Adrian Hernandez

Cassandra Snow-Day: Thank you for challenging your students to work hard, do their best and never give up! Adalyn has enjoyed every moment in your class! Adalyn Hernandez

Samantha Peruski: Thank you Mrs. Peruski for helping me in Spanish this year i did learn from you a lot.You are the best Spanish teacher i have had you help me when i don’t get a assignment you explain it to me.You are a very helpful and kind person you help everyone. You make sure everyone doesn’t have missing assignments so we can play a game and the person doesn’t have to work while everyone plays.I really want u to be my Spanish teacher next year in high school but u cant. I really love your jokes they make e laugh and put a smile on my face.I hope for next year you try your best for Spanish i am going to miss Plano Middle school a lot u are my favorite teacher i have ever had :). Brianna Pitones

Katie Fruland: Thank you for being on task and still fun! Maddox loves going to school and a big part of that is your classroom. Maddox Davis

Rob Allen: Mr. Allen i can go on and on about you but i’m just gonna say this you are the best teacher i’ve ever met in my whole life and you changed my life and it means so much to me that you did that and i will miss you so much next year but i hope i could still see you next year and the years after that you made an impact on my life that i will never ever forgot your the best teacher i could ever wish for and i hope you have the best years at YIS. Thank you for everything you have done for me! Kinsley Perzee

Mrs. Mersman: Mrs. Mersman is such an amazing teacher! She is so dedicated to her students and job. This was my son Ethan’s first year in preschool and first time ever with anyone during the day other than family. Mrs. Mersman has helped us with so many things this year and has been so reassuring and supportive. I know my so n has excelled this year because of her. Thank you so so much Mrs. Mersman! Ethan Meurer

David Lay: Thank you Mr.Lay for being a great teacher throughout my eighth grade year and giving me a great science education. Without you I probably would’ve had a very hard time in science this year. Chesney Schimandle

Karen Lanehart: Mrs. Lanehart will always have a special place in our hearts. She made kindergarten fun and exciting for The kids. She treated all of them as if they were her own. Her kindness and caring attitude is genuine. Raegan Reinboldt

Michelle Long: Thank you, Mrs. Long for everything you have done for past and current students. When I think of my first year at Plano Middle School as a seventh grader, I think of Mrs. Long’s attitude and English class. She embodies everything that a teacher should be. Mrs. Long is caring, understanding, patient, empathetic, organized, helpful, and optimistic. Mrs. Long works her hardest everyday she walks into this school to make sure everyone feels welcome when they enter her classroom. Mrs. Long deserves to be recognized after all the love and support she has shown for this school and its students. Emily Klein

MELINDA GRAHAM: Thank you for being an awesome teacher! Second grade has been so fun! LUCY NIETE

Michelle Burcenski: She’s is Funny, Nice, and genuinely is the best teacher I have had since 3rd grade, honestly im going to have to stop by in 8th grade and say hi. Giovani Ramirez

Lisa Pettke: She is a kind and loving teacher. She always gives me hugs in the morning even though I’m not in her class anymore. I love her so much! Lincoln Ahern

Shelli Allred: She is so kind and is really good at teaching technology. She’s the best tech teacher I’ve ever had! Lincoln Ahern

Julie Peffley: Mrs. Peffley rocks! She makes math class for Miliana so much fun. She is the perfect teacher for Miliana’s snark and sass. She challenges her while making her feel like she can accomplish anything. I love watching her grow and glow under Mrs. Peffley! THANK YOU! Miliana Martinez

Mrs. Melissa Troupe: Thank you for being Michaels first teacher! Michael Alanis

Kerry Rothman: You’ve inspired Mili and daily gave her and classmates an exciting, nurturing environment in which to learn learning and love (and believe in) themselves. What a priceless gift you give… thank you! Emilia Kennedy

Dawn Serio: I want to thank you for always being by myself through the good and bad. Mrs. Serio you always make me feel like family!!!! Thank you for being supportive in and out of school. Thomas Harding

Mary Rose Coker: Mrs.Coker is always pushing Plano High School’s students to keep improving so that we can be very successful. Mrs.Coker is always there to provide examples and she is always there to help her students throughout the lesson. She is so kind and loving, she deserves the best. Me and a bunch of other students wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for her hard dedication. Thank you, Mrs.Coker. Lexus Bovensiep

Karen Dudding: The reason I like Mrs. Dudding is because she is fun, has fun games and is very nice. I am thankful for the clubs she does. Sam Pirie

Mrs. Janet Miller: Thank you Mrs. Miller for being an awesome teacher. You are very supportive. Emily Moran

Kelly Waldron: I love you Mrs. Waldron and I also love you for how much SOCIAL MEDIA YOU HAVE BEEN DOING!!! >=(. Jan Indrees

Mrs. Kelly Waldron: Mrs. Waldron you have been so kind to me when I faced hard situations you have been with me and supported me all along thank you Mrs. Waldron. When I asked for help you have been so kind to offer me help with my assignments so thank you for everything. Excellent and encouraging teacher award from bottom of my Heart. Cherivennela Pagadala

All the teachers @ Newark GS, Millbrook Jh, Newark HS and Little Learners Academy: Thank you for all you do to inspire, love and care for us !! We all feel loved !! Wyatt Urton

Karen Lanehart: Dear Mrs. Lanehart, thank you for your consistent devotion to your students and to your families. You have truly changed the way our daughter thinks about school. Not only is she receiving an excellent education, but the creativity that we see pouring out of her is a direct result of your passion for what you do. We are blessed to have you! Love, The Frooms Hazel Froom

Mrs Pekoc: Thank you for being so amazing and always helping us! Thank you for helping me understand things when I’m unsure and for all you teach us. Faith Shaw

Kristen Dudding: You have been such a loving, kind and caring teacher. Lincoln adores you and looks forward to going to school daily because he gets to be with you.You shine a bright, beautiful light to everyone that is lucky enough to be around you.We thank you so much for loving Lincoln and guiding him through his journey in 2nd grade! Lincoln Okapal

Erin Holtz: There aren’t enough words to say thank you. You made me feel welcomed when I transferred last year. Even though I no longer have you as my English teacher, I’m grateful that I can still ask you for any advice or help on anything. You’ve helped me improve and develop my writing skills. I’m ever so grateful for all of your help and compliments. I’m glad I met you and hope to be able to get more advice from you. Arleth Antunez

Mary Rose Coker: Thank You Mrs. Coker for always going above and beyond. We know you are a teacher we can always go to for help. In addition, you made us feel confident for when we took our SAT. Allison Nunez

Steve Hild: Thank you for keeping me on task and being a very fun teacher. Kaleb Ortega

Mary Rose Coker: I enjoy being in her class. She explains stuff very well so that we know what to do without giving away answers. She’s funny and makes class more enjoyable. Lorraine Franks

Rick Ponx: Thank you for being the best teacher and coach ever. I appreciate all you do for me and other students. Keep on doing what you do. Luniah Gilford

Wilson Wright: Thank you for being a funny kind teacher. Your always joking around and making us laugh. Thank you for all you do. Madison McCoy

Kari Gerakaris: Thank you for making my day brighter by always welcoming me into your classroom. Thank you for showing me that I can actually read. Thank you for helping me to learn so much this year and teaching me things I did not know before. Aidan Strom

Steve Hill: Thank you for making me laugh everyday and making sure i’m in a happy mode. You’re my favorite teacher because you show the best movies in history class and you are so nice when you want to be. Ma’leigha Johnson

Amy Winter: Thank you for being a funny and caring teacher for all of your students. You’re always making sure your students are taken care of. Thank you for everything you do. Madison McCoy

Wilson Wright: Thank you for making math fun. Isaac Zavala

Wilson Wright: Thank you for making math fun! Miguel Galindo

Mary Rose Coker: Thank you to Ms. Coker for always putting the extra work for us even if sometimes we make it difficult your always willing to help us and make english enjoyable and actually helpful. I feel like I’m learning and understanding what I’m seeing from you. Thomas Romero

Madeline Conroy: Thank you for being an amazing history and ela teacher. You’re a great soccer coach and so funny. I hope your summer goes great and you continue to be a great teacher. Zoey Petersen

Sydney Hackley: My 7th grade teacher Ms. Hackley was an amazing teacher and as I went to 8th grade I was sad I wasn’t going to have my favorite teacher that was so fun but also taught me alot. But as 8th grade I looked up to her even more and I still learned from her even though I’m not in her class anymore. She always helps me when I need help and don’t get it. Molly Turus

Leslie Young: Thank you for being such an interactive teacher especially when it comes to the people in art club. Nila Young

Maryam Osuch: She is one of the single greatest people I have ever had the incredible fortune of meeting. She is kind and the best teacher I have ever had. I am so thankful still get to visit you and help where I can. Ryker Stevenson

Justine Houchins: Ms. H., thank you for everything you have done to support me in my freshman year! Your class was always a fun place to be, and you have helped me grow tremendously. Human Geography was by far my favorite because of all the fun lessons and projects we did. Thank you again and again for making my year the best it could be. Sydney Green

Mary Rose Coker: You always go above and beyond with your lessons to accommodate each of your students’ needs. You find a way to make the class interesting and engaging and I never feel bored. Thank you for all of you hard work! Sarah Makasiar

Mrs. Fruland (Katy): Your teaching allowed Lincoln to find out who he was and what he was good at. Thank you for being so patient, kind, and caring with our son. We feel so lucky to have had you as his teacher this year. We can never thank you enough! Lincoln Gruca

Stephanie Kasper: Thank you so much for always encouraging and showing patience. You are such a caring individual and you make Jax want to come to school each day! Jaxon Majerczyk

Mary Rose Coker: Thank you for being a great teacher. She is always positive and has a lot of energy. Arianna Alvarado

Kerry Rothman: You are the best! Thank you for all the love and support throughout the school year to all the students. The crafts, projects and books you share are the sweetest! Your effort and dedication to teaching does not go unnoticed! Thank you for always making learning fun and teaching life lessons early on. You are the BEST! Love, Landon W. Landon Wozniak

Nealion Smith: I would nominate Nealion Smith. I would nominate Smith because he is an understanding teacher. He takes his time to help his students with art and even math sometimes. He is always considerate and calm. Adriana Meneses

Diana Gonzalez: Thank you Ms. Gonzalez for teaching me and helping me when I needed to and I hope you can help me with some work if I ever needed to. Arturo Pulido

Derrick Love: Mr. Love is a good teacher. He talks to us like we are equal to him. He truly cares about us. Mr Love talks about his life to us and gives us valuable life lessons. Mr Love checks up on us and makes sure we all get a warm welcome into the school every morning. Aiden Schimandle

Melissa Palmer: You are a great Math teacher my favorite teacher ever. Andrea Soto

Ms. Michelle Burcenski: I would like to thank Ms. Burcenski for being one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She always made class fun with the blookets and gimkits we played. I always loved the ducks she gave us. She made the assignments she gave us were easy enough for us to get a good grade. Andrea Vargas

Sydney Hackley: Great Science teacher! Andrea Soto

Carah Kahle: All I can say is you made a life changing experience for our son, Wyatt!! You’re the one person that will always be in our conversations for school experiences and teachers that made a difference. you will always be held close in our hearts. Wyatt Berg

Rikki Rodriguez: Thank you for teaching me so much and always hugging me when I was sad. I love school now because you were my first introduction to school. You’re the best teacher in the world. Harlow Manion

Mrs. Leigh Hatch: Mrs. Hatch, Thank you for your years of teaching us. Enjoy your retirement! Plank and Traughber

Kristen Miller: Thank you for being a good teacher and making class fun. Camryn Evans

Joy DuBose: Thank you Mrs. DuBose for always making me understand math, and for always being there whenever I or any student needed help in math. You’r class is always welcoming, and studying in there is what makes math a bit interesting. Thank you for being an amazing and helpful to every student. Emily Monitel

Michelle Long: Thank you Mrs.Long for teaching language arts and telling us stories along with Mr.O.Thank you for allowing me to get a second chance at the third quarter book report and allowing us at WIN to take walks and give us fun games to play from time to time at language arts. Fatima Gonzalez

Courtney Baker: Was the best 5th grade teacher i could ask for. Fatima Torres

Delaney Rogers: Hi Mrs. Rogers I have had a splendid time in your class it makes me so sad that I have to leave in a couple weeks. I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job, keep up the positivity, because ELA with you is never a dull moment. Franco Torres

Angela Smithey: Thank you for being so patient and kind with me. Also, thank you for always having an open ear for me to talk to when i had something to say. Galeea Robinson

Mrs. Peruski: You let us jugar and listen to good Spanish music. Gio Sanchez

Megan Mercado: Ms. Mercado, thank you for being such an amazing teacher. You always have such a cheerful attitude and make my day a whole lot better. I appreciate how you always try to make the stuff we do in class what we actually want to do. You always make class so fun. So thank you for being my teacher! Gina Silberhorn

Nicci Ciesla: Thank you so much for letting me sit in on your lunch at least once a week. Grace T.

Silvia Azcona: Mrs. Azcona thank you for helping me understand langauage arts easier. I’ve understood class better when ever you explain it but last year was harder i couldn’t understand it that what the teacher was trying to say last year. Zay Aguilar

Laurel Mateyka: Thank you for being such a good role model to our school district. You have always been such a good influencer for girls/women to show that we are capable of anything. I loved having you has a principal and I hope you will keep being that great influencer that you have always been. Issabella Ojeda

David Lay: HE is the best teacher and he is really chill and calm. Johan Almaraz

David Lay: Thank you Mr. Ley for being such a great teacher and always being very chill with the whole class. Also, Rewarding us when we do good. Jowel Franco-Cruz

David Lay: Mr. Lay is the best Teacher he always is cool and makes us laugh. I like the way he teaches as well. Jordan Heda

David Lay: I love Mr. Lay as a teacher he is amazing and is a good Math and science Teacher. Jordan Heda

Mary Rose Coker: I would formally thank you for the hard work that you put in to have us succeed in our future life and during English class too. I also wanted you to win this nominee because you work so hard for students that you should be able to reconcile for being the best teacher at the PHS building. Do not stop the way that you have been teaching us and would like to thank you again. -John Garcia

Samantha Perusiki: She is a very cool and chill teacher. She always rewards us when we do something good and talks about how good your class is. Giovanni Nebren