Letter: Will fulfill their promise

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

I had a hearty chuckle recently when the so-called, unregistered “Kendall County GOP PAC” sent me a letter by mail (no return address, no name from the sender). The content of the letter amounted to a smear campaign focused on current incumbents and candidates in the Republican primary election.

The official Kendall County Republican Party and I know full well Troy Parlier (for president), Terry Olson, James Marter II and Jason Kapus (for trustees) are candidates of integrity and strong character. They will fulfill their promise of even more progress for the citizens of Oswego.

I was proud to give them my vote Feb. 28 and intend to do so again April 4.

Oh, and the letter from the so-called PAC arrived in my mailbox two days after the primary election, hence my chuckle. They are trying to tell me who to vote for, they can’t even keep a calendar. What a joke.

Margaret Kratzer