Letter: Open and honest responses

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

Four candidates are well-qualified to serve on the Board of Education in Yorkville District 115. Dr. Jorge A. Ayala, Leslie Smogor, Wayland Middendorf and Molly Gerke all have been involved in the school organization in various capacities.

When given an opportunity to answer several questions, sent to them by mail, Ayala, Smogor, Middendorf and Gerke all provided detailed and thoughtful answers. Their replies expressed their understanding of the role and responsibilities of school board members. Each will strive to support quality education for all students and will make careful decisions regarding finances. I respect their open and honest responses. The other four candidates did not reply.

Dr. Jorge Ayala, Leslie Smogor, Wayland Middendorf and Molly Gerke have demonstrated that they will listen and respond, will be transparent and will serve as capable, thoughtful leaders on the District 115 Board of Education. Ayala and Smogor are on the ballot in Bristol Township (north). Middendorf and Gerke are on the ballot in remaining congressional townships (south).

These candidates best represent values for a strong and healthy education for all students in Yorkville’s School District 115.

Anne Engelhardt